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This group is for learning about and discussing the many religious beliefs of the world without trying to change anyone's belief..It is not to convince anyone that a particular religion is right or wrong..It is for informational purposes only.
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The study of world religions becomes very important in this the first decade of the 21st century.In our modern world it gets harder each passing day to insulate ourselves from the cultures of other people..Instant communication which is becoming widely available worldwide and the relative inexpensive cost of air travel continually bring people closer and closer together.. Since one of the main elements in cultures throughout the world is their religious beliefs and practices none of us understand others in countries outside our own unless we understand a little about their religion.. In the world we live in today religions have a very powerful effect upon politics throughout many regions..We are confronted by the news in newspapers, radio and TV of a boiling pot of emotions in the Middle East involving Islam, Judaism and Christianity..Headlines scream out at us about suicide car bombings and an issuance of a call for a holy war.. The knowledge of world religions which many just gave a cursory nod twenty years ago is now very essential to world economy, world politics and most importantly world peace..
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Message: Correction of the deformed image of the prophet Muhammad  
Hi all!

The image of the prophet Muhammad is deformed in the minds of many people and they don't the truth about him.

I have found a great flash; It's the prophet's Muhammad (Peace be upon him) biography in a lot of European languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Swedish and Norwegian.

The Flash

Salaam (peace)

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