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Draw or sew an XO (as the human and the Earth) on your clothing, skin*, belongings or on an XO bracelet to show that you take 1 or more eco actions every day -- and to help manifest a bold, Team Earth. Taking a public and united stand for the biosphere
To join XO Earth ::

1 ► Take 1 or more ecological actions every day to protect our exquisite biosphere.

2 ► Draw, paint or sew a blue or green XO (with the human as the X and the Earth as the O) on your clothing, personal belongings, skin* and/or on an XO bracelet that you make.

3 ► Help others put on the XO for taking eco actions every day, and for joining Team Earth.

4 ► Add an XOe or XOXOe to your blog entries, emails and other writing.

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XO Options ::

+ Blue or green pens, markers, paint or embroidery can be used to put the XO on clothing and belongings. Use ballpoint pens on skin as they are non-toxic by law.
+ Print, sign and carry the member card, and give un-signed cards to friends.
+ Make XO Earth bracelets with strips of fabric and markers -- instructions at
+ Put on an extra XO when you take an extra environmental action.
+ Get an XO Earth Credit/$ at participating stores.
+ Tag the XOs you wear with words about your actions, with an or with eco quotes.

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