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Elephants Worldwide Need Our Help! Highly Endangered in Asia and Threatened in Africa at the Hands of Man from Receding Habitats; Held Captive and Brutally Trained to Entertain Humans, We Must Work Hard to Humanely Keep Elephants on Earth!
Please visit the red pinned threads (below) to find the introductory threads that are most important for our group! Also check out many of the link in this box below to educate yourself on the many places that help elephants and what you can do to help them. THANKS!

Elephants suffer in captivity from tuberculosis and fatal foot rot due to not getting the exercise they would normally get in their natural habitat. TB is often carried by performing elephants and can spread from human to elephant and vice versa. Please join us in rejoicing in the elephants that have been mercifully retired and speak for the others who await their freedom.

Check out PAWS Sanctuary.

Check out The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee (TE:
Group Photo: ©Tarra - used with written permission from TES.

Watch the large rescued ladies in bliss on the
Live EleCam

The Greatest Vendetta on Earth - MUST READ!

Watch this Awesome Documentary by the Detroit Zoo! Narrated by James Earl Jones!*****FIVE STARS*****

Watch this video about the Hawthorn elephants from HSUS

Zoo cams:National Zoo * EleFantenCam
San Diego Zoo EleCam * WildCam, Pete's Pond, Africa

Best Links:
Elephant Trust

Savanna Elephant Vocalization Project - Elephant Voices
Elephant Nature Park in Thailand
Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE)
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Africa

Elephant Magazine
Friends of the Elephant
Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAW
Fight Back for Elephants
Elephant Care International
Zoos Can Do Better
Elephant Information Repository
All For Elephants
Asian Elephant Studbook - Reference (PDF)
African Elephant Studbook - Reference (PDF)
Flora's Page - includes worldwide elephant news
Save ZOO Elephants
If you work at a ZOO, please click here
Learn the truth about circuses
Boycott Animal Circuses-Care2 Group
Read up on Ringling * Shocking Story! * Watch Videos
Read eye witness testimony from former circus workers
Please sign this petition to help US elephants used in entertainment.

Rest In Peace, Tyke.

In Memory of Echo

! Please DO NOT support Riddle’s [Pseudo] Elephant Sanctuary in Arkansas. Why? Here are three good reasons: ~1~, 2~, ~3~.

"The World Is a Sittin' on an Elephant's Nose" ~ Dr. Seuss

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dedicated to Elephants!

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