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A Green Road is committed to environmentalism, non-violence, social justice & grassroots organizing. This is an independent, globally focused Green Party supporting group, featuring news feeds and discussion; USA, CN, UK, EU, AU, NZ, etc.

A Green Road Project - Detailing The Science Of Sustainable Health and Success. What benefits seven future generations, and causes no harm? 

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by Good H.
2 weeks ago |
Good says: Shut Down/Slowing Thermohaline Circulation Triggers Abrupt Climate Change,  Regional Cooling In EU, East Coast Of US, Major Floods, Major Storms, Collapse Of Plankton, More Intense El Nino Events, Ocean Anoxic Events, Mass... more»
1 month ago (1 reply) |
Last reply by Good : Activism Training; TeDX, Using Art, Music, Poetry, Performance, Writing Stories, And More For Community Organizing And Social Change ... more»
1 month ago (2 replies) |
Last reply by Good : Researchers Say Modern Civilization And Society Is Doomed And Self Destructing; Can We Save Ourselves In Time, Or Will We Commit Global Suicide, Like Lemmings Rushing Off A Cliff? Are We Smarter Than Lemmings? <a... more»
2 months ago (17 replies) |
5 months ago (1 reply) |
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