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The AMERICAN RIGHTS ASSOCIATION The American Rights Association is here to help you fight for your rights. If you ever need a voice to speak for you, we're here to do that. The ARA is founded on, and defends, the true American values- life, liberty, and
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Mar 26
Alert: Join the American Rights Association
by The Revolution (0 comments | 0 discussions) — Join the American Rights Association- please read this first so you know our values!The American Rights Association is founded on, and defends, the true American values, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We will defend anyon... more »

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The American Rights Association is here to help you fight for your rights. If you ever need a voice to speak for you, we're here to do that. The ARA is founded on, and defends, the true American values, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We have sworn to defend anyone being wronged in the world, as well as in the United States. Members are opposed to war, corruption, racism, violence, blind traditionalism, goverment lies, and discrimination based upon sex, age, race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, etc. and have organized to help combat injustice and these issues. While some of our beliefs seem unorthodox or unimportant, we stress that this is WHY we are setting up the ARA- to bring to light NEW issues. The ARA basically promotes, among other things:

* racial equality
* more even distribution of wealth
* sexual equality
* better controlling of monopolies/giant corporations
* gay rights
* less age stereotyping/looser laws
* anti- war beliefs
* combat of disease and poverty
* protection of nature and the environment
* better international relationships/immigrant rights
* better social education for the public
* human rights/personal freedom
* logical philosophy and debate

Once the ARA gets enough members, we will be strong enough to help you stand up for your rights.

* a good way to see if you might like the ARA would be to go to and take Cassandra's Tests 1-7. If you come out as a beautiful person, then you'll probably do well in here.

Our beliefs and values include:
1. Sex Equality/Culture
We believe not only in sexual equality, but also refrain from grouping "men" and "women" into separate groups at all. For example, we will not encourage people to say things like, "Men like sports" or "Women need protection"
We will also fight against the surprising, but very real fact that women are still not always paid equally for jobs, and also how sexual stereotypes (men are lazy, women are too emotional) are taking over how we think and act.
Separation and discomfort between the sexes need to be lessened, and a more open and healthy attitude about sex, the body, and relationships needs to be established. We believe America is too prude at this time, and want to abolish things like separate sex bathrooms and obscenity laws.

2. Age Rights/Stereotyping
We believe that, instead of citizens automatically becoming adults at a certain age, people should pass a maturity test, which will determine more accurately, effectively, and personally, the maturity of a person. Setting the bar at a universal age is a way of stereotyping. Until this is passed, currently underaged people should be allowed all access to previously denied services and products, such as liquor, cigarettes, and other products, and services such as piercing places and adult video stores, which may ask for age ID's.
We also think that the current adult cutoff (18) would be at the wrong age, anyway, for MOST people. Most 18-year-olds are not much more mature than 15-year-olds, and this can lead to customers being insulted at facilities in which they are told they are too immature to use.
The statutory rape penalty shall be abolished, as it assumes that all 30-year-olds must be abusing 16-year-olds, without looking at the INDIVIDUAL CASE.

3. Religion/Traditionalism
Blind traditionalism needs to be stamped out, because people need to learn how to look at problems with unprejudiced minds. Too many people are sacrificing knowledge for belief, and this prevents the mind from thinking clearly and being able to recognize problems. Also, many heavily religious people are unable to accept other religions as being valid. Since these people are automatically sworn into the religion or beliefs they were born into, they have not really decided in the correct manner which religion or belief suits them best. This frame of mind can also take it's toll secularly, when the individual automatically cannot accept information that falls outside of their belief circle, and, therefore, will not accept certain ideas for their own merits.

4. Personal Freedom/Medical Freedom/Power
People, as beings with minds and feelings, should never have anything forced on them if do not choose so. A doctor should never order anything drastic, even if it is lifesaving, on a patient until the patient is notified of the consequences of having and not having the procedure, and until the patient then agrees. The patient's right to die is also important, because one who has the right to life must also have the right to death. However, we strongly suggest that the patients take these matters up with their family and friends before making any rash decisions.
The government should have absolutely no right to take away citizens' homes or personal freedom, and all citizens have the right to privacy, making wiretapping illegal.
Voting rights are given to all Americans, regardless of age, race, or criminal status, but voters must first take a test showing that they know what the values are of the candidate they are voting for. Who would want someone voting for the best-looking candidate?

5. Gay Rights/Theory
There is nothing wrong with homosexuality, period. In the future, saying, "I'm gay." will have the shock value of someone saying, "I like sports."
It is not unnatural and certainly not immoral to prefer someone of the same sex.
Sexuality is not determined by something cold and scientific like genetics because it doesn't seem to make sense, and many feel offended by this heartless approach to feelings and emotions. The genetic theory also just doesn't seem complete enough to make sense. However, we do not assume that people choose their sexuality, either. because, in all honesty, who would choose to be gay in this day and age? We are open to the idea that some people may find it under their control to choose, though.
People are not machines and are not ALL wired to think about sex constantly and are expected to have self control, yet, we do need to be more open about sex in general.

6. Drugs/Abortion
It is not 'bad' to do drugs, if you decide for yourself that it is not. All drugs should be legal, and there should be more rehab and education centers set up. Punishing people for having a problem does nothing but make more trouble. People should be aware that drugs such as marijuana have been shown to be less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes, and became illegal because they were associated with hippies.
Abortion should be legal because it is important to let a person choose what they want to or do not want to do with their bodies. Also, why would anyone want to let a baby be born into a slum or abusive household.

7. Humanity/Human Rights
No human (or animal) should be forced to do something he doesn't want to do.
Jails and correctional facilities should provide privacy and comfort to all inhabitants, and soon we may be able to replace jails with "love and guidance" institutions.
Torture is never, ever acceptable, and the death penalty should be completely abolished.
Victimless crimes, such as prostitution and drug use should be made legal, and the police force should carry painless, NONFATAL tranquilizers instead of guns.
It is not okay for overseers and army officers to be rude, abusive, and cruel, and no soldier shall be punished for deserting or running AWOL out of fear. A boss should not be allowed to fire an employee for reasons unrelated to work.
The draft should be abolished.

8. Race/Immigrants/War
No war should ever be waged again, but in the very real case that some are, the army should be equipped with nonlethal weapons.
Illegal immigrants who cross the borders to get medical treatment or to escape oppressive governments should never be denied help and should be allowed to stay as long as needed.
Needless to say, racism and prejudice are discouraged in the ARA. There are still surprisingly many race problems in the country.

9. Logic/Philosophy
We strongly support the use of simple logic in discussion and in decision making. Falling under the influence of religion and traditionalism can weaken the ability to think and philosophize clearly. We are annoyed by statements such as, "Hitler should have been given a bad funeral." or "We should burn the CD's of the artist who made a controversial statement." and other statements that don't make sense or call for unecessary actions.
People are encouraged not to do or say anything without thinking, especially when the decision will affect others, such as when voting or making choices, especially political, that involve other people.

10. American Culture
America has become shallow, materialistic, and socially unaware. Our job is to educate America and the whole world of the problems that are more real than we imagine.
  Capitalism has gone out of control, not only provoking half-baked products and killing creativity in the entertainment system, but also making the lives of poor people become more and more unbearable as we turn a blind eye.
  American entertainment all too often consists of shallow or unimportant media topics, such as runaway brides, countless celebrity romances, and "shocking" news articles. If you want a real shock, look at the poor and diseased in the world!

11. Environment Rights
Few people realize how important and urgent these laws protecting the environment are. If the plants and animals of the world were to die out, we would find life noticeably harder. It's also surprising how many people simply don't respect the environment.

12. Equality/Fairness
 Money should be divided more equally and giant corporations should be better controlled. Torture should never be acceptable, and the death penalty shall be abolished. Discrimination based upon anything should not be legal, meaning gays should be given marriage rights.
  All people, regardless of anything, deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We really need information on:

* lady who went to jail for having a baby with her student

* any inmates about to be executed

* how to contact Cindy Sheehan

* abused prisoners anywhere

* gay rights/black rights/women's rights groups or demonstrations we can support

* Holocaust denier (Austria)

* Station Nightclub fireworks lighter (see, don't even know his name!)

And could you please help:

* inform the rest of the ARA about news events that we may be interested in, such as things we would want to protest or make statements about

* help organize these protests

* recruit new members by inviting them here or suggesting they take the quizfarm Cassandra's Tests

* ensure that there are members in all different parts of the world, and especially in parts of the world correspondent to news events of our interest

* help me set up a world map where we can document where members are located and where we can mark down where events are happening

* help us get attention of the media/influential people to help us voice our protests

* help fill the ARA in about news, injustice, and good ways to help people

you see, I don't have the Internet at home, so I can only get here by going to the library once a day

There are different sections of this organization to help with different tasks:

The Geography/Location Section- this section's job is basically just to mark where members are located and to help the rest of us locate where a news event or a protest will happen. This section is also encouraged to personally alert members of a certain area when there is a news event of interest happening in their area, so they can help provide information or organize a demonstration.

The News/Happening Section- is in charge of discovering news articles that may be of interest to the ARA. This section will record any names, dates, and, of course locations of happenings of interest, such as executions or unfair trials. This section reports info (date, place, circumstances) to the ENTIRE club so we can decide together if this event needs our attention.

Strategy/Protest Section- once we decide a happening needs the ARA to step in and help, this section is in charge of choosing the best and effective way to demonstrate. Note: protesting isn't the only way to make your voice heard- this section of the ARA will also decide what will be the most effective way to handle the situation. The Strategy section is just like a war strategy section, only we fight for peace!

Philosophy Section- these people can help think of questions for screening tests and surveys, and also may figure out how to more clearly state our values to new members. This section is also encouraged to write things like pamphlets or newspaper articles in favor of human rights.

Recruiting/Media Section- this section's job is to help recruit new members and advertize for the ARA. The Recruiting/Media section also helps get the attention of newspapers and influential people to help us out.

*one person can be in as many sections as they want

Here is a sample of how this set-up will function:

1. News section members find article of interest

2. Member notes location, date, and circumstances of this event

3. Member posts bulletin or simultaneously alerts the entire organization of the event and includes the important info about the event

4. ARA decides, probably by vote, if this event needs attention or not

5. If the event does need attention, the strategy section plans out a practical and strategic way to help out, such as where and when to take action

6. The geography section makes note on the information sent by the strategy section and personally contacts members located near the event, so they can demonstrate and/or send back information on what is going on

* people personally notified of events in their area are encouraged to feed us with information about the event

* all members should be notified of protests by way of bulletin in case we have a traveler in the ARA who would want to fly down for a protest or event (also because we like to know what is going on, of course)

Members will soon be asked to start conducting surveys of average people they can find so we have a better understanding of what people in the world believe in and stand for.

ARA members should all help come up with possible questions to ask and topics to address in the survey (capital punishment, war, gay marriage)

I have already thought up a few (they are basically just the Cassandra's test questions)

1. Are you anti- war?
2. How do you feel about the Iraq War?
3. Do you support the death penalty?
4. Do you believe in more equal distribution of wealth?
5. Do you agree with Austria's decision to send the Holocaust denier to jail?
6. Women should be subordinate to men
7. People under (local adult cutoff age) are immature and need to be watched over
8. I disagree with laws preventing juveniles from using facilities

ARA members all over the world, especially in places outside of the US, are encouraged to survey as many people as possible so we can see how people feel about things in different parts of the world.

Surveys can also be conducted over the internet.

The ARA should have translators for non-English speaking members, and especially for this assignment.

*When we ask questions, we will not only ask for the interviewee's personal opinion, but also ask him what his culture would expect him to answer, such as "Does your culture also support sexual equality?" This is different than seeing if most people answer the same way as him- this is meant to determine if the person's personal beliefs are influenced by the culture which has been established around them. Who knows- we may find a whole group of people that all hate the morals instituted by their ancestors, but they never speak about it to each other!

The interviewer should ask in this format:

"Do you support the death penalty?"
Your answer:
Your culture's answer:

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