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This group is for settling community disputes. Apply to join if normal channels have not worked. Notify your opponent to join. Discuss it, settle it, and unjoin. All can read, only participants can post. Old disputes will be deleted periodically.
Members:Code of Conduct
Visibility: open
Membership: application required
Group Email:

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To Begin: Before your membership can be completely approved so that you can begin airing your case, the following steps must be taken:

1. Post a simple, non-insulting description of why this is a problem and what you think a good resolution would be. Do not name names.

The host will see your post and close the thread until your opponent applies to the group.

2. Invite your opponent to respond. Your opponent can then apply and be accepted and the thread will be opened.

Rules of engagement:
1-No flames about beliefs, politics etc. Stick to facts of what was done & said and why this is a problem.

After both sides have been aired, you and your opponent may post your resolution of the problem.

If either side cannot agree to a resolution, the thread will be closed and left up as "unresolved" indefinitely.

Resolved threads will be closed and removed after 90 days.

Vicious flaming, beyond description of problem, will result in total block of membership and delete of thread.

The hosts of this group are not here to offer any solutions. The hosts are not Care2 staff. We are here only to moderate the flame level and prevent serious abuse.

Advocacy/moderation Both parties may request that a third party be appointed as a Moderating Host for the duration of their dispute. The owner of the Arena is not responsible for the behavior of the Moderating Host but will publicly post a question as to all parties accepting said Moderating Host before making the appointment. The Moderating Host will have delete and post privileges in one thread only. If this is abused, Or if the Moderating Host loses approval of one of the opponents, the host will be blocked and the opponents can either find a new Moderating Host or go on without one.

Each opponent may request membership of one advocate. Advocates who switch sides will be blocked.

Anonymous: although the "anonymous" function remains enabled, all anonymous postings will be deleted. This is so that the anonymous postings that do appear will be recognized as being informational postings from the Group Host.

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