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This is the place for nature and wildlife lovers to visit when they want to come for a boost from feeling bad or down and such feelings that can accompany trying to continuously help and save nature and wildlife on this planet.
Welcome to the Forest.  A literary place for you to put your feelings down 'on paper' as if you were taking a walk in a lovely summer forest (or spring or fall) and describe all the various acivities and things going on around you...such as the leaves blowing on the trees, their colors, shapes, little animals you see or hear, birds, brooks, streams, lakes, rivers, rocks, trees of all kinds, wildflowers, mushrooms, toadstools, fungi (some are truly amazingly colorful!), snakes, toads, frogs, insects of all kinds, vistas, horizons, the sky, clouds, atmosphere, feelings, moods, hopes, dreams, loves, cool, warm, neither, textures, touches, essence let's hear about wonderful times you've had watching and looking at nature, and walking in it, or even your imagination.

Don't want to hear about anything bad in this group, about how it's terrible for animals and nature etc.  We all get plenty of that in our visits to other groups and signing seemingly endless petitions. 

So just make it a place of balm here the same as you get when you actually ARE in nature and let's face it, the reason why any of us HELP nature and animals and wildlife!

Please NO PHOTOS.  Not that they're not beautiful but they take up too much space and this won't be the place for them.

(the video on this page was not created or posted by me, it just appeared automatically from Care2 when I created this group.  I don't know how to delete it.  It's great for other groups but not here.  This is exactly what I DON'T want in this group.)
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