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In this group you will be able to tell your love stories (bad relations ships) so everybody could learn with you experience and also tell to others what are you living and have some advice from people who pass for the same situation before.
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Blog: the lhell is finally over as of today  
  1.  Hello, Everyone . My name is Tara,nice to meet you all. I have to say I had my share of pretty bad relationships .   Iam a mom of 2 children. I know there tons of strong surving awsome mother's out there. For myself just like all of you my life just kept fslling apart till I thought I would of been way better off dead, becase this world is cruel,evil.not fair at all. I will tell you about the relationships I had. I got married to this guy. I was so head over heel for him isn'  that most likely the situation. At 25 I really wanted to settle down (very afraid to be alone) I met this guy and he took such advantage of me.There were times he wouldn't come home when the relationship was very new. Iam a very kind hearted person, if I love you I never want to let go even it is horribe because I just wanted some one love me.  We got engage 6months later. Then I  married him 1 year later,  we had 2 beatiful kids (eleven months apart) divorce him 1 year later because he stole ,cheated, and used me any which way he could. I can"t help getting so attached to them. i never want to say goodbye.  I met a guy right after that and this was crazy then the first relationship. I had met him in counselig.I made such a bad choice in my life for my chidren and me.He was so nice I felt like god was really answered my prayers. hE was bipolar, and he refuse to take his medicine as perscribed. We moved in together within a year. He abused me every way you imagine. He started by putting a hole in my jacket with a lighter, he said he was sorry I took him back, He pushed me in a dark street and when I fell I bruised my ribs. It all fell apart from there, He was abuseive from that point on he called me names all the time, say I was stupid and hurt my feelings all the time. Then he did anything he wanted, he would come in and out of my children"s life. I think it is very hard with just me in the picture but my children learn what they are taught. I did not want my son to disrepect women and it was happening then and I was in such denial. My daughter is such  cute, I did not want her to think it was alright to be abused by men and not respect herself but I was showing her it was ok. he told me thought of killing me everyday. He would play a song about killing me, he pushed me in the tub I hit my head then he pushed me when my back was turned, I  was bruised on my face, I was bleeding all over then he raped me. He went to rehab again I put a pfa on him so he would never be able to contact me again. I had my hearing today I was nervous, but I surved and I will never let any guy do that to me again ever. I got it for 1 year and he wanted me to drop it, The old me would of but today, I could try  very hard to hold my head up high and know that Iam worth so much more. All of you are worth more, take care and  god bless.                         

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