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MONEY - what's the matter with it? Do you too wish for a just and sustainable world where poverty and starvation is a memory? Learn why this cannot happen until there are some major changes in how we understand and use MONEY.
Welcome to Bust the Money Meme - READ THIS FIRST

The current Economic system is neither economic, nor a system. The root word for Economy is greek and means "taking care of the house and family". Today Economics isn't particularly caring, especially not of the Earth and our common future. Economy has become a Money Game. "Economy" as a word to describe what is going on is a poor label.

A meme is a strong idea that is so widespread in a group or a society that it has become The Truth. A meme is a convenient way of understanding reality as we perceive it. Memes are the make-up of what we call Mainstream thinking. There is not One Alternative Economic Theory to bust the mainstream meme - there is an unlimited amount of diverse ideas, theories and concepts out there. We want to describe and discuss as many as possible here.


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