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Come here just to chat, not about anything in particular, just whatever and whenever!
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Welcome to the Chatterbox! Well, because this is a new group, I will lay out the rules for you.

1. No rude posts. You are welcome to disagree with anyone, but please, do not be rude about it. If you see an inapropriate post, please notify me, as I cannot always check all the topics every day.

2. Don't post off-topic. If you have a reply to somebody's comment, by all means, make it! But if you are going to talk about something entirely different, please just take two seconds to create a new topic for it! If you post off topic, I will delete your message and warn you. 3 warnings, is suspension. After that, you will be permanently deleted from the group.

3. Talk to us! Please, if you are a member, talk to us. If you make no comments for a month, we'll assume you gave up on us and delete you from the group. Also, comments, questions, suggestions, complaints, etc. are welcome! Feel free to message me about the group at any time! Or, post under the "Group Management Suggestions" Topic! I WILL reply!

Thank you, and be sure to follow these simple rules!
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