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This is a group for those of us who care for children, parents as well as daycare teachers. This is a place for us to share information,and a place to get ideas for problem situations and behaviors as well. Anyone who loves kids is welcome.
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Shepherd’s House is taking care of children who are Needy, Orphaned, and Abandoned or left vulnerable because their own family is no longer able to care for them.

We believe passionately that children should whenever possible be left in the care of their families, but we recognize that currently in Uganda there are thousands of children without anyone in their extended family able to care for them, thus left in the hands of fate.

SHIM-Uganda believes that every child has the right to be cared for with Love and Dignity in a secure and loving family Unit.


Child sponsorship: Currently 27 children have been enrolled in school. We provide school fees, uniforms, scholastic materials and meals at school. 7 are being given holistic care at Shepherd’s Mercy Home (SMH). And we are in the process of recruiting more as soon as funds are available because so many have been turned way and that not only breaks our hearts but they  lose the only hope of being    raised   in a loving family environment  and  their wounded hearts  are not healed in the Shepherd’s Mercy home.

             We have been able to feed up 200 children every end of the year.                         This child need milk to be well

We visit different remote areas every year to give them a Christmas celebration.

Loving Mom and Dad. (Alternative Parents)

A key to the success of this home is our Shepherd alternative parents- Mom and Dad (Pastor Jimmy and Maria Mugisha, Wardens). Who heads up the home and acts as the primary care giver to up to seven (7) children. Children come with so many wounds on their hearts, emotions but after sometime they are healed because they are loved and cared for.

They have all the qualities necessary to provide a Loving, Nurturing and positive environment in which each child in their care is able to thrive Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. To augment their existing parenting skills, they have gone through child care development training which is modeled on the training given by CRANE/VIVA; courses include child care and child protection among others.


We ensure that each of our children bonds well with the alternative parents and his or her brothers and sisters. Our aim is to get as far away as possible from institutional living as we possibly can.  And to end this, Children and us live together, eat together and do everything together as in every normal home, children are encouraged to undertake chores, but are also encouraged to play and make the most of their childhood in their safe rural environment.


We are currently renting a house right in the middle of a small, bustling village so that our children would not be isolated but rather fully participate in their surrounding community, we believe that, by being active residents there’s room for a cultural exchange that is birthed out of mutual respect and symbolic learning.


SHIM-Uganda recognizes the delicate balance that needs to be maintained when interacting with a community that has its own established rhythms and structures, with 38% 2005 of the Ugandan population living on less than a Dollar a day, it is very easy to look at the symptoms of poverty and throw a solution at them. However we also recognizes that through Government’s Millennium Development Goal  (MDGs) and “Bonna Bagagawale” (Prosperity for all)campaigns, we have a duty to work out a mutually agreed solutions to poverty that if not addressed will lead to life expectancy, we believe our planned construction schemes of the homes and other planned activities will bring lasting impact by bringing employment opportunities to the local community. Through our Partners, Wayne and Lorie Coffin, We have been able to distribute 

1 mattress
1 blanket
1 mosquito net
1 Kg sugar                                                                                                          
1 large bar laundry soap
Care package of soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shampoo
1-2 outfits per person
1 piece of candy per child
1 toy per child

To each family in village of Nyondo and it was a blessing to see children get decent things to sleep on.

Financially support us:

All the work that Shepherd’s House Childcare does is completely supported by financial donations. Sponsorship helps cover the following per month, per Child (in US Dollars)
o Education: $45
o Housing: $25
o Health: $20
o Food: $30
o Full sponsorship: $120

You can choose one option to be committed too or you can believe God to do all.


Invite us to speak:

We love what we do and talking about it is one of our passions.  Having a Shepherd’s House Childcare board member speak to your church or small group is a great opportunity to get a bigger picture for all that we do.

We wish you God’s abundant blessing.


“Raising, Nurturing and Educating a Child”


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{ else }   Blog: Back to the basics  

We all know what it's like to have "trouble students" or "trouble kids" in our classrooms and our daycares.  They're the ones who have a hard time sitting still, getting their work done, and interacting with their fellow classmates in a respectful manner.  They're good kids, often darling children, but they have a more difficult time than the others.

Nourish America, a non-profit based out of the LA area, has found that just providing nourishing supplements and nutrients can often provide the solution that these kids, their families, and their teachers are searching for.  After distributing nutrients to kids in 39 states, we've repeatedly heard from parents and teachers that the students are more attentive, productive, healthy, and happy.

If you're interested in getting involved with Nourish America at your childcare or school site, please contact us!  You can find more info at

We're also on Facebook (search under "Causes"), MySpace (, and Twitter (!

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Blog: Child Care  
I think it is wonderful that care2 has so much to offer for those who love and care about something.  As for me, I love nature, and I love children.  They are so sweet and innocent.  Nothing makes me happier than helping a child to strengthen their weaknesses, but using what they consider to be their strengths.

Someday, I will make a program, dedicated to the children, our future.  It will be called, "FOR THE CHILDREN", or "HOPE FOR CHILDREN".  As of right now, everything is a working progress, but I will make this happen.

Just imagine what it will be like once this is up and running.  This is a place where people can donate all kinds of things for the children.  Food, medicine, toys, clothes, shelter, or a child provider made up of volunteers who are willing to care for a child until they are healthy and have found a family.  Or a place to stay like a foster home, adoption agency, or orphanage, all of which would be inspected once and a while by volunteers who are willing to check up on the children every once and a while to make curtain they are happy, safe, and healthy.

Honestly, I do not know if my dream will become a reality, or how well it will work out, but that is my dream for the children of this world.  In order to make this happen, however, I will need some help to build this program.  I will need volunteers who love children as much as I do, and are willing to do what they can for children.

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