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A place for those who have a love and connection with the Raven to meet and discuss the scientific, mythical and spiritiual relations of the raven.
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Welcome to Corvus corax!!

Our common love for ravens is the purpose of this group. Just the name raven can stir up stories, images and sound of their lovely "Kaugh!".

Such beautiful birds with their all black feathers which have a purplish/blue iridescence to them. Their feathers are more loose and shaggy around the neck. Ravens are completely black, from head to toe, even their beaks and legs. Two things which show the difference between ravens and crows, are the ravens larger size more than two feet in length and bulkier, and its wedge-shaped tail.

Ravens are a common sight all over most of North America, North Africa, Asia, many parts of Europe, Arctic tundra, and parts of Central America . Even though ravens are friendly birds, they tend to prefer more wilder mountain areas unlike the crow which seems to thrive near humans. But you will still often see ravens out gathering food near humans.

Ravens are very intelligent birds. Crows are considered fairly intelligent but no where even compared to ravens. They mate for life, use tools, can even be taught to talk which rivals a parrot in speech. Ravens have been known to comfort people when they are upset and sense complex emotional situations. They are even known to use other animals to hunt for them.

"Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door!" Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore." The Raven. Edgar Allan Poe, 1845.

Ravens can be found in many stories that are older than written history. They have been the object of countless myths and legends from around the world. They are symbolized by mystery, death, virility, illusion, trickers, messengers of the Gods, and even Gods themselves. Even becoming a very popular totem animal amoung many people.

"Odin, the supreme deity of Norse mythology, sent out a pair of ravens at sunrise every day, and at noon they would return to perch on his shoulders and tell him what they had learned. Ravens were sent to sustain the prophet Elijah in the desert, and Native American peoples in the Pacific Northwest considered Raven to be the god who brought life and order. He was also a trickster and succeeded in stealing light from the power who wanted to keep the world in darkness."- John L. Tveten

"They utilize illusion for profit. Truly amazing. Truly magical." -Christine Tarski

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