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A group for people to share Group theme customization ideas and images.
Guidelines for creating a Header Image
* The best size: Ideally the image will be 900x178 pixels. If it's smaller tha that the image will either be stretched or tiled (and usually doesn't look so hot).
* Keep the left side simple: Ideally the image is less visually "interesting" on the left side, where the grop name is. The more "interesting" the harder it is to read the group's name.
* Keep the left side darker: Currently most color schemes use white for the font color of the Group name. Hence if your header image is white o nthe left side, you will not be able to read the group's name. (Note: there are a few color schemes that use black for the group name).
* No copyrighted images please!

How to post a header image here:
* You need to post your image somewhere on the internet (like photobucket, or flickr - unfortunately Care2 Photos get resized too small!)
* Create a new topic, or reply to an existing topic, and add the image to the post, like you usually add images to posts, drag&drop, or with the image tool in the toolbar [todo: explain how to actually do this].

How to use a header image you see here:
* Right click on the image you see and choose (or in Firefox it's "Save Image as...")
* Save the image on your computer somewhere
* Go to your group (you have to be a host!) and open the theme Chooser
* Click on the custom tab. In step 1, click on "Or add your own"
* Click "Browse..." and find the image file you saved. Click Open.
* Ten click the "Upload" button. The image will be uploaded and you shold see it at the top of the group.
* Now go through steps 2 and 3 to choose your colors and fonts. and click "done".

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