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Deep Griha, meaning ‘Light House’, is an independent charitable organization that's been working to better the lives of slum dwellers in Pune, India. Since 1975 Deep Griha has helped thousands of people through education, nutrition and health programmes.
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Deep Griha is a multi-faceted organization, empowering Pune's poor with the ability to improve their lives and those of their children, their health, their skills and their sense of self-worth. On many different levels the "Light House" is a shining ray of hope for tens of thousands of India's forgotten people.

"On July 5th, 1975 we opened a dispensary for women and children, which operated from one room of our house on the Seminary campus. I was the only member of staff and went without pay. Treatment was provided for a nominal fee ($0.12 US), but no patient was ever sent away because of lack of money. Over the next 25 years, tens of thousand of patients were to visit me at the various dispensaries I ran in the slum areas and in the villages. In 1976 an 18 month old girl, Shobha, was brought to the dispensary by her grandmother suffering from a cold. I found the girl to be severely undernourished and underweight. The Grandmother said the parents had been told that Shobha was under the influence of evil spirits, and as long as she was in the house there would be poverty. As a result, Shobha was left outside to sleep, which was why she caught a cold. This incident, together with other cases of superstitions, under nourishment, and parent's inability to recognize symptoms of malnutrition, motivated me to commence the Nutrition Program and planted the seed to commence education for mothers, as we realized that we could really only make a difference to the lives of the children if we educated the Mothers." ~ Dr. Neela Onawale, Co-Founder, Deep Griha

"The choice also is yours. Too long have those who can and are able been silent. Too long have those with a conscience bludgeoned it into submission with comfort of circumstance. You must join us. You must stand with us. You must dance with us. Yes, dance. If you’ve read our blog in the past, you’d know how important dance is to the DISHA team (Deep Griha’s Integrated Service for HIV and AIDS). In dancing we embrace life. We move to that primeval rhythm that is within us all. 2006 is the year we share the vision. May it also be the year of the dance!" ~ Hans Billimoria, DISHA Project Manager, Deep Griha

"As I reflect on the months gone by, I feel a sense of gratitude about all that has been. I came here wanting to offer what I could of my skills and experience, and knowing I had much to learn from the people I would meet. Most of them may never know how profoundly they have influenced my life, but I have written this as a tribute to all the people I've been privileged to come to know in Deep Griha and in Pune. There have been challenges, and life has been demanding; yet a whole community of people have entered my heart and will remain there. I am so thankful for all that they, and India, have given to me." ~ Lotte Webb, past Volunteer, Deep Griha

In this group, meet the people behind Deep Griha, find out about their projects to help the poor of Pune, and what you can do to help. So welcome, make yourself at home - and join in the dance!

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