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Dexter Season 8 Episode 12 Finale A lot of questions about whether Dexter will ever be able to leave behind the "Old Dexter." A huge leak from Reddit claims that Debra Morgan dies in the final episode of "Dexter." This spoiler claims that Debra will succu
Dexter Season 8 Episode 12 Finale Dex has another choice to make — does he go after Saxon, or does he rush to catch a plane to Argentina before Tropical Storm Laura (yeah, that’s actually happening!) hits?


Unfortunately this offer also only makes Dexter realize more that he needs to take care of Saxon because he’s such a threat, which is a good point too. Dexter and Saxon are playing cat and mouse — Saxon shows up to Miami Metro, Dexter finds his kill room and steals his laptop, Saxon pretends to buy Dexter’s apartment, Dexter releases his kill videos — but the whole time it feels like Saxon is the player, and Dexter is the one getting played. Saxon has a proposal: he’ll leave Dexter alone if Dexter leaves him alone. “Go on with your life or come after me, but choose poorly — like mom — and you will lose,” Saxon tells Dex. The Sax-man actually makes some good points — he doesn’t really have anyone to lose the way Dexter does. This fight would be pretty easy for him to win if he just started picking off Dexter’s loved ones.

Which, sort of goes awry because the U.S. Marshall has been following Deb. He comes in and decides to let Saxon free, without questioning him, next to a bag of knives (has this guy not been watching the news?). So obviously Saxon kills him, grabs his gun, and shoots Debra in the gut before running away.

As we fade to black, Debra’s laying in a pool of her blood, Elway’s running to the airport to catch Hannah, and Dexter’s still… packing? It’s safe to say the series finale (which is next week!) is going to find Dexter in a much less peaceful state than the one he was in this episode.After Dexter tricks Saxon into trying to kill him — and catches him with Deb’s help, which was an awesome twist — it looks like he’s finally going to come out on top in this psycho killer face-off. But Dexter decides at the last second that he doesn’t need to kill Saxon, and decides to turn him over to Debra.Come on, what do you think he chose?

In "Dexter" season 8 episode 12, "Remember the Monsters," we can expect the show to pick up where we last left off. Saxon had approached Dexter with a proposal for an agreement in the previous episode. He basically told Dexter that they should both agree to mutually back off from each other otherwise Saxon would ruin Dexter's life and the people he cared about. Dexter appeared to agree with the proposal at that point when he thought about Harrison, Hannah and the life they could have together. However, it was quickly revealed that Dexter had no intention of honoring the agreement; he intends to secretly kill Saxon before leaving Miami. At the same time there is a large storm approaching Miami that will ground all flights, so Dexter is on a pretty strict timeline if he wants to get away with Hannah.

To make matters worse in "Dexter" season 8 episode 12 "Remember the Monsters," it seems that Elway is still on Dexter's case. We saw in the previous episode that Hannah went to the airport to wait for Dexter where she was followed by Elway who has realized that she is Hannah McKay. At the same time Dexter, who had captured Saxon, made the foolish decision to turn Saxon over to Debra and Miami Metro after deciding that Hannah's love was enough to make him get over his desire to kill. It was a cop out for the show, but the decision quickly had consequences because it ended with Saxon escaping custody after shooting Debra and killing the US Marshal Clayton who was suspicious that Dexter was helping Hannah.  
Meanwhile, Dexter sends one of Saxon's kill videos to a local news station. "Saxon wants to make Miami his home," he narrates. "Little does he know how hot the summers get."

Harry appears, and he and Dex talk about how Dex needs Saxon dead. "Didn't use to matter who was on my table, as long as it was a kill," Dex muses. "But now, it's personal." He tells his dead daddy that his need to kill is weaker now: "What I need is her." Back at Miami Metro, Quinn learns that Saxon is Vogel's son.

With nothing left to do for now, Deb visits Dex to have dinner with him. "Nothing, and I mean nothing is going to stand in the way of having one last night with my brother." What she doesn't know is that Clayton and Elway are turning house upside down, looking for clues. Elway finds records of the flight. Back at Dex's place, his departure is finally setting in for Deb: "God, this is such a mindf—k." Dex tells her that she'll get by without him because she intrinsically knows what's right, saying, hers is "the compass I always wished I had."
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