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An approximate of 27 Million Slaves exist in the World today. Modern Slavery crosses All Continents and Has Many Faces. This is a Group Rising Awareness and Promoting Actions to Fight Human Trafficking. Join our Cause!


Slavery never really ceased to exist. Right now, millions of people are enslaved around the world, all of them forced to perform a wide variety of activities against their will. From crops and produce workers, to children working in sweatshops, to women exploited in brothels, slavery is everywhere.

We wanted to make of this Group a place in Care2 where we:

-Learn about Human Trafficking.
-Take actions to fight and prevent Human Trafficking.
-Promote and support the new abolitionism movement     to erradicate Human Trafficking once and for all ,,
~Promote and support the different campaing     groups fighting Human Trafficking around the world.
~Promote the slavery-free and fair trade alternatives     for caring consumers

                We proudly support:
        Human Trafficking in Numbers:
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Contact Host: Vivien Green 
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DISCLAIMER: Slavery Today the Group on Care2, the Page on Facebook, and the Group on Facebook are solely resources to rise awareness and promote the fight of human trafficking and other human rights related issues. Opinions expressed herein do not constitute legal advise in any form and are the exclusive  responsability of the author. 
Should you need to be assisted by a professional in the field, we can gladly offer you a list of professional organizations in a limited number of countries. Contact our Host for a detailed list of the professional organizations that may assist in your particular situation.
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