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This is a group for people who are sick & tired of there own Government & the Corruption in there Government like me.i hate Corruption like Pork Spending,its why the is 9 trillion in debt & climbing,there own greed for power & money., Jonathan Ren
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Blog: I`m Renouncing My U.S.Citizenship & forming My Own Gov Called Earth World Government,Who`ll Join me?.  
Hi To All people.i`m renouncing my u.s.citizenship & forming my own Gov called Earth World Gov & i want to know Who`ll join me?.Heres Why,because of PORK SPENDING & Social security & Oil & Nasa & more.when a person writes a bill it should be about that suject only & no pork in it.Pork Spending is why the has a 9 trillion dollar deficit & why Social security was spent,they spent it on pork projects & its 100% documented.the never got rid of gas(oil) in the 1970`s like they promissed because of taxes or pork spending.nasa left the moon because of no money or pork spending & theres no way in hell there should be another race to the moon again for which the going to lose to the chinese & Russians.theres a lot more.what about the current candidates for President,they suck,both republicians & democrates,you don`t here one word about pork spending?.the will fail or fall because of pork spending,they can`t just keep spending pork like they have a money tree or bottonless gold mine,they will have to raise taxes more & more & the U.S.deficiet of 9 trillion will just keep going up & it will cause the to fail & its got to stop.i`m sick of it,i believe that when a person runs for office there running because they care about the people,not there on greed & agendy & Power.i`m sick of it & thats why i`m renouncing i`m renouncing my u.s.citizenship & forming my own government called Earth World Government,i even wrote my own Constitution & called it Earth World & i had it notirazed by a notiry public & should be sufficient for the ratification of the Earth World Constitution.BUT I STILL NEED A LAWYER,if you know of a lawyer that where represent me & the Earth World Gov & if you can hire one,Please contact me.or if you want to join me in a new Gov & become a Earth World Citizen like me?,then Join me & Contact me.Email=earthwoprldgovernment&gmail Or my cell phone=(321)795-4978 Jonathan Renfroe
Posted: Jan 28, 2008 6:07am | (0) | (0) |  
Blog: About Some People Comments  
Hi,from king jonathan renfroe of the Earth World Government.i agree with some of your comments & thoughts.we can exchange ideals.i will stand behind the U.S.people against anyone or any country,but i`ll not stand with the U.S.Gov,that is 2 different things .i believe that when a person runs for Office in any country,he or she should be running for office because they care about there people & Country,and there is no exception to that rule,especially in Politics & Government.but people run for office for money & power,its 100 % documented.Example=Pork Spending in the U.S.Gov.its why the u.s. is 9 trillion in debt,and why social security is gone or wasted on politicians pet projects,and why the never got rid of oil(gas)in the 1970`s like they promised=Taxes(Money For Pork).i don`t want to be a part of any government on this planet who is corrupt in any way especially the U.S.Gov,i`ll not be told what to do by them or held responsible by there laws,i`d rather Seced & form my own Gov like i have far as i`m concerned,i`m a earth world citizen now,i just need to find & hire me a Lawyer To represent me & the Earth World Government & my right to secede from them in a court of law.if you or anyone out there knows a lawyer or can help me hire one,then please do & you can contact me here or at Or call my cell phone at=(321)795-4978 .King Jonathan Monarch of Earth World Gov

Posted: Nov 9, 2007 6:50am | (0) | (0) |  
Blog: 08 Presidential & Pork Spending,Don`t Vote  
Hi to all people.about the 08 presidential Election in the U.S.A..If OutLawing Pork Spending & Corruption is not at the top of there Campain list?,then Don`t Vote For them,don`t vote at all.Pork Spending is why the U.S.Gov is 9 trillion in debt,and why Social Security is gone & why they never got rid of gas(oil),Taxes,and why joseph newman never got his Patiant for Free Electricity=TAXES & the Power Companies would go out of business & outerspace.The Presidential Candidates should create a bill or law Outlawing any Porkspending & any Politician who knowingly spends pork goes to Prision For Mandatory 25 years & loses there job for good?.its the only way to get rid of Corruption & pork spending,if not then the U.S.Government & its Economy Will Collasp like RUSSIA Did.the U.S.Gov does not have a bottonless Gold mine,or a migic gold mine,they can`t keep spending pork for there own Power & Greed & God Attitude,its got to stop.Please help me,call your local Politicians & tell them to create & bill To Outlaw Corruption & Pork Spending,& Don`t Vote For any Politician who does not agree to create & to sign the bill.King Jonathan Monarch of Earth World Government & Earth World Citizen.
Posted: Nov 1, 2007 7:29am | (0) | (0) |  
Blog: To All Members,Help Me Get a Lawyer To SECEDE  
Hi,to all members.i need your help,its very important.i`m trying to hire me a lawyer to represent me & the Earth World Government & to help me Secede from the U.S.Gov & to form my own in a international Court of law.and i want a lawyer to launch a lawsuit against the U.S.Gov on Corruption charges like Pork Spending & more.Can you call your Local Lawyers where you live & see if they will take my case or Represent me & the Earth World Government?,Will You Hire Me a Lawyer To Represent me & the Earth World Gov?-Please,I Need your help in getting me a lawyer,ask your family & friends if they know of a lawyer that will represent me & the Earth World Government.Please do what you can to help me get a Lawyer or 2,Please at least thing about it?.Email me back here or at .if you find me a Lawyer,then please give them my cell phone number,its=(321)795-4978 ,you can call me to to talk,But please help me get a Lawyer so i Can Secede from the U.S.Gov & to Form my own Gov?.Jonathan
Posted: Sep 17, 2007 7:51am | (0) | (0) |  
Blog: Earth World Petition,Please Sign it?  
To All members,Please Sign the Earth World Petition at= This will help the Earth World Gov become a real Legal Government in a International Court of law where it will be Presented.and try to find or get other people to sign the Petition.Thank You Jonathan  
Posted: Sep 10, 2007 7:26am | (1) | (0) |  
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