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For divorced men who are struggling to stay involved in their children's lives, while trying to rebuild theirs. Men who have been destroyed by courts across America. Discuss how unfair the child support system is. How do we make the system better?
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I have come here for help.  my boyfriend of 4 years is divorced with 3 children, pays over half of his check in child support, and does not get visitation.  it just isn't fair!  the divorce is final so there is no more lawyer.  we need help on what to do.  we have no money to speak of, but there must be someone out there that has been through this,  and can lead us to the right people who will fight for him as a father!  i know there are thousands just like him, but if so, why are we not being heard?  why is it that even court orders are being blatently overlooked in regards to the visitation of these children?  their father loves them very much and only wants what's best for them; but doesn't that include a loving father who supports them both with his heart and wallet? this has been going on for 4 long years and the ex has arranged it so there has been no visitation.  all the while she is poisioning the kids against him. we need some resources that will enable him to take back his rights as a dad.  
someone please help me, we are desperate.  the kids are getting older now and he is missing out on so much.  it is just a crime to keep a good dad away from his children.  i come from a divorced home so i know of what i speak.  and my relationship with my father is one of the most important relationships i have.  that's why it is so difficult for me to watch what is going on here. 

i believe that someone is out there that will help us. we are in california if anyone can help.

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