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This group is for posting petitions and exposing the myths about feral animals. Communicating the danger feral animals and plants pose to other species, and effective solutions.
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OzPolitic - Science and technology discussion

Feral means non-native/introduced/exotic. At least, it does in Australia and in this group.

New rules - no copy and paste bombs, especially in the middle of active discussions. Instead, post a link with a short summary or a few interesting paragraphs. Do not copy and paste someone else's words as a substitute for responding personally. Do not spam the group by copying the same thing into multiple threads.

Invasive Exotic Pest Alien Plants, Hunting and Shooting, Anti- sport hunting, People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans, Boycotts, Science, Electoral Reform, Australia, International Politics, Green Tax Shift, The Nuclear Option?, Fishing, Care2 Quote, Visually Impaired Persons, Ethics in Progressivism
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the TNR fallacy 42 4 years ago
OPEN INVITATION 52 9 years ago
lists of invasive species 9 9 years ago
cat threads 12 8 years ago
what the UCS, WWF, IUCN etc have to say 6 8 years ago
Care2 members support hunting 3 3 years ago
This group is under attack 43 4 years ago
Petition: Save endangered species from feral hunte... 66 4 years ago
livestock and GHG emissions 1 5 years ago
Feral camels out of control! 15 6 years ago
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Many hosts expect active participation from group members and desire constant activity on their groups. I don't. Many people I invite to my groups express concern that they don't have the time to devote to more groups. My groups are their for the benefit of members and I am happy for them to get something from the group in their own time and return nothing, even if they ask lots of questions. In many of my groups I would rather have a small amount of information that is of timeless value rather than a constant stream of chatter (though I don't mind if you just want to chat). I welcome debates as they help to ensure that the information provided is sound. I often rewrite my posts after lengthy debates as I find that I can express my views much more clearly and concisely and back them up more rigourously.

But don't be afraid to contribute if you have something!
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Please sign my petitions:

Kangaroo meat:

Feral animals:

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Protect the reputation of science and the UCS:

my hompage
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