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The Frogs have been out now for a while..and they need a place to hang out.Here it is! Who is your favourite Froggy?/Have you liked frogs before Care2?~Continued for those who wish to continue,showing their favourite froggys/welcome to our lillypad
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Blog: Tiny little frogs...  
It was bright and sunny today, with a gentle cool breeze....

When I went out to check the cattle I found that a couple of calves had gotten into the backyard. The more curious of the two was nuzzling a flower pot, then grabbed a wooden stake that was being used as a marker in the garden.

I shooed them towards the fence, they've got a hole there somewhere.

The rest of the cattle seemed contented enough, at least they were staying where they were supposed to be. As I walked through the pasture I became aware of the constant high creaking of the tiny spring peepers; tiny little frogs.
They were the background for the trilling of the red-winged blackbirds, the busy chattering of many species of duck, and the grunting of the odd pair of Canada geese. Only once did I hear the croak of a leopard frog, low and tremulous.

I got a little too much sun today, my arms are red and hot. When I looked in the mirror I was surprised to see that my face was dark and covered with hundreds of tiny freckles.

I've never had freckles before....
Posted: May 1, 2007 10:57pm | (3) | (0) |  
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