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WE DO! This groups is for all parents who are 16yrs and older or people who love and care about children to join us. Here we care about child hunger, abuse, poverty, etc. Please help the children.
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Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar NO PAEDOPHILES OR CHILD ABUSERS ARE ALLOWED! OR U WILL BANNED! This is a family support and concerned parents group! Mars and i are married and this beautiful 12yr girl is our daughter. Emmachay
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Blog: Runaway kids  
You see them on the street, and as they pass you by,
you can see their desperate look in their innocent eyes.
And you want to reach out and take them all in,
you wonder about their stories, and the places they've been.

They were once little ones, now their innocence lost,
born into society, now paying it's cost.
Now they are runaways miles from home,
in a dark world, lost and alone.

So tonight, as you put your little ones in bed,
as you kiss them on their cheek and ruffle their head,
just remember there are kids out there,
who once were little, with their hearts to bare.

So as you leave their room and turn off the light,
remember your kids in your prayers tonight.
Always show your love and inspire their mind,
and maybe you won't wake up to find,

that your child is just another runaway....

© Rebecca Wiles

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