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A forum in which cavers from around the world can interact. This group promotes safety, conservation, and education about our fragile "underworld". Caving is also known by the term spelunking. Speleology is the scientific study of caves.
Patty put this group together to see if she could meet different cavers
from around the world.  That is the reason I joined.

If you have an interesting cave related topic, please feel free to post it
here in this discussion group!  If you belong to a local caving group please
post information about it.  (Assuming your local group rules allow this.)

This is not a very active group.  Most cavers are usually on local or regional
 email lists. If you are interested in caving (spelunking) feel free to post a
 message here. 

Or, contact me (Robert M) or (Patty) and we will try to what we can to
get you in contact with your closest active group. 

You can also try some of the links listed below.
Hope you enjoy your trip(s) through inner space.

Here are a few links to a few informational resources about caves
and the critters that inhabit them. The NSS website can also get you
contact information for local US and some Canadian groups:

National Speleological Society  ( NSS: National caving group for the US )
Center for Cave and Karst Studies 
 Bat Conservation International

I highly recommend reading this (896K pdf file located here:  The guide to responsible caving.  Plus other interesting things.

Web-documentary on cave creatures:
Cave Biota

NSS webpage on bat white nose syndrome (WNS )
Right now, WNS is spreading in the NE section of the United States.  It is feared that it will eventually jump across the US and Canada, eventually killing off most of the continental Bat population.  This will have major effects on agriculture and general ecology.  Research is currently going on to discover what it is, where it came from and how we stop or treat it.

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