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What was your most important healthy living decision? What can you use help with? Share your ideas and solutions, and learn from others. Welcome!
Welcome to Care2's Healthy Living Network

Lets learn and share what we know with each other. There is so much we can all learn from each other every day in this group. I learn all of the time from this forum. Your participation is of value to everyone. 
Warm wishes, Diana Herrington

This group was inspired by Annie B. Bond, the author of four natural housekeeping books; the latest being Home Enlightenment. 
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5 hrs ago |
Kendall says: Being spiritual means different things to different people. For some, it is rooted in a specific religion; for others, it is more about making a conscious effort to be mindful. Holiday Retirement spoke to three religious leaders... more»
by John D.
1 day ago (191 replies) |
Last reply by Randy : DEATH  IS A DEAD BODY....NOTHING MORE. Nothing has changed. Life keeps going on.  Barry Long   ... more»
by John D.
2 days ago (1 reply) |
Last reply by Miranda : A friend was prescribed a medication for high blood pressure with one of the possible effects being gout!  Telling me of this, my friend used a term which really annoys me..."side effects".  There are no such thing as... more»
2 days ago (56 replies) |
by Wael M.
5 days ago (20 replies) |
by John D.
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1 week ago (35 replies) |
by John D.
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