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This is only for families who are fighting the system, no caseworkers, social workers ect welcome here.
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{ else }   Blog: Termination of Parental Rights is equivalent to the Death Penalty.  

Termination of Parental Rights is equivalent to the Death Penalty.

Equal Protection of the law would require a parent be indicted by a grand jury, but instead CPS Come without a warrant and you never get to face your accuser

          What CPS does is 'assess' which is a taxation term.

You need the CPS (free) HANDBOOK before Child Protection Services knock. Contact for a copy.

CPS (free) HANDBOOK contains Supreme Court decisions and FACTS you need to write an Affidavit pursuant to a Refute, which is a key to winning your case. Other wise you are at the 'mercy' of the Court where there is NONE!

EXAMPLE: Greg Pound in Florida lost ALL HIS KIDS ( his Parental Rights ) over a dog bite!

He was not home when it happened. Nether were his other children. A dog bite is not an eminent threat and easily resolved.

Greg Pound hid is next born. His wife and baby are still in hiding.

The Sheriff that came to his home was charged with 26 counts of perjury pled down to nothing and was allowed to leave the county. Her crime was the greater and she got off without ever facing her accusers either.

Please pay attention to this issue and learn what you need to do to protect the integrity of our families, which are in grave danger.

A parent cannot press charges for her teenager who does not wish to press CHARGES if she is raped. But, the State can terminate your Parental Rights when parents are not charged with a crime at all. This is not equal protection of 'No Complaint, No Victim'.

Children are removed instead of the perpetrator and that needs to stop. We need to take this head on.

Our Constitution is ignored and we force another nation (as a gift of war) to introduce such a compact into their political structure. That is not equal protection for us as a people. Our government need so be brought back to her American Ideals.

Pleas help. Please study the CPS (free) HANDBOOK.

Study and help others who have been a victim of CPS Injustice  

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