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This group is to help any person who is fighting US Consulates and Immigration for the right to have their foreign spouse come to live in the United States - the rights to change the Consulates who do not follow policies and procedures set by the US
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Where to begin? – Life – Human Rights – Civil Rights – the Right to Choose – the Right to Love and Marry? – Where did we go wrong in the things we wanted for ourselves, for our future, for our right to be prosperous in our own hearts? These are the questions I have posed to myself, my husband, our families and right now, the world and anyone who will listen to our plight. Have we ever thought of how the world and government decide to rule not only the laws of our lives, but they also have chose to have control over the rights listed above – when it is for the good of all – wonderful; when it is an invasion into the right to just live a happy and prosperous life – immoral, wicked, dishonest, illegal, sinful, iniquitous, criminal, unethical – take your pick of words to cover the argument – the field is obviously wide open. We live in a world with a current population of 6,587,459,922 and everyday it grows more. We live in a world of the vast computer age where we can speak and meet people from all corners and all walks of life – why do we do that? We make choices to do that to enrich our minds, our lives – to understand the life and cultures of other countries – to learn tolerance of others – to research knowledge and experiences of all people around the world that we all call our home. In all of our lives and experiences we have seem good and bad in all corners of the globe. Each country makes laws to govern the “safety” of its citizens – to better its nation’s way of living. However, we have to ask, has all of this governing created a prison for people to have the basic human right to choose certain things for their own life and prosperity? - I believe, deep within my soul as a human being, that the answer to this is a resounding YES! I, amongst all others in this plight (and there are many), have chose to marry a man I met from another country – just to marry him in his country was a chore of paperwork and paying fee after fee. Then comes the rest of the paperwork, fees, translations, invasion of privacy and human rights, denials, the stripping of dignity, loss of family – the loss of the pure right to love someone and marry them. If I was choosing within my own country – I could do whatever I wanted – but mind you in doing that I was abused, my children abused, I was cheated on, was lied to, etc. two times. I made a choice to never marry again unless the right man came into my life – 16 years later, I met that man and everything inside of me told me that this is the right man, the right choice – I married him within the same year. The love and acceptance I have received from my husband and his family has been more than I ever received in my own country – in my own family. Through 42 years of pain and suffering created by my own country, family, government and society – in one instant, another man and his family took that all away and for the first time in life I smiled with purity and truth! I was accepted for who I was, for my life, for all that I carried with me inside – without conditions – without judgment – without expectations of something more – just loved and respected! Now we come to the control and restrictions of having found that one special thing in life – the right to live our lives in my country with my children. The continuing story to come will leave you wondering about just how much “so-called freedom” US Citizens truly have for their life. Preview – papers filed, enormous amounts of money paid out in both countries, lawyer hired from beginning, all rules and regulations followed on our parts – all things requested given – I even have lived with my husband side by side for over six months – over 600 photos and six hours of video tapes – petitions approved in the US for our VISA – Consulate overseas said No with no reasons given, just comments of my husband choosing to speak his native language so no mistakes were made in understanding – he was disrespected from a United States Consulate Officer who chose to use body language, hand gestures and facial expressions to further show and represent the image of the United States of America in a disgraceful manner – how embarrassed I was to be an American at that point.
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