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This group is a display of all and any injustice, or justice that "one" may believe needs to take place.

Justice Or Injustice, Only
you can decide!

Why I started this group?
The Injustice being done to
Patrick Courtney!
I love Patrick with all my heart but, there are a few things stopping me from being with him!
I Herby state that all information and facts can be found either in news articles or in court transcripts and is public knowledge. Patrick Ryan Courtney was lost in the forest, Labor day 2006. He was there for 24 hours. Then, he was found. They sent him home that day with his "red" lighter. Two days after being home a plane crashed killing both passengers on board. One being a pilot the other a firefighter. However, we were told there were indeed fires going on all weekend up there. Patrick had a warming fire and admitted this to them. He said, he was cold, scared of animals, and thought that this might signal someone. Because Patrick was previously convicted of something when he was 18, he is now 31, they have been completely biased. They have not pursued anyone else for this, and keep in mind it was Labor day weekend. There were so many people there that day, we had no place to park! There has been violation after violation. It started shortly after his arrest which, was three months after the crash, they recorded his conversation with his attorney. The lead investigator on their side heard the whole conversation. The judge ordered this to be turned over to his attorney however, imposed no further sanctions. Then, there was the revelation of evidence, that was so conveintly withheld from his preliminary hearing. They found a intact bottle of Vodka and a gun with dispersed bullets. this was found within days of the crash..... The next violation was, on the eve of trial the prosecution turns over 2,000 pages of evidence, forcing postponement. The next one was the other lead investigators footnotes were turned over 6 months after the judge threatened sanctions about discovery. Not to mention, they asked him to take a polygraph during an interview then, during this process has denied this. He has been incarcerated since November 17, 2006 and still has not been to trial. Again, all public record, court transcript or articles. in the search criteria input: Patrick Courtney
Patrick Courtney Those who feel this is wrong can come sign this petition I have for him. they want to give him life in prison for this... He has already been there nearly 2 years awaiting trial!!!!

Please, take a minute to look
at my petitions!

This one is because they would like to give him a third strike for having a warming fire! He was indeed lost in the forest!

This one is because he was denied an O/R release and has a 2.2 million dollar bail yet, he has served over 20 months already and has not been to trial. There are articles to support all facts that will be posted!
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