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This is a place to reflect and understand, especially for those who saw the storm and the aftermath. This group has seen many changes; it was designed that way; it was about controversy and action. Now it's about healing--but still about action.
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I recently opened up many of the pages and changed the archiving "flag" so that they will be available for scanning by researchers and search engines. 

If you know of any pages that you would like to be open for searching, please let me know.  ~~mod, John

Here is a link to the whole story, not all of it, but what I could fit in. The web page that explores CSS document standards for activists. (Click)

It also kicks-off the New Model action research community site, which is based on the Katrina experience (Click)

Katrina was a hurricane. But...

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It wasn't the hurricane that flooded New Orleans. It was not
broken levees, as you might imagine, that flooded New Orleans. Broken walls of some
un-used canals flooded the city. These canal structures that failed, inexplicably, run through centers of the city, a sea-coast city below sea-level.

But then, it wasn't the broken walls that destroyed New Orleans. There seems to have been a deliberate neglect of the drowning city, that evolved into a blatant attempt by
corrupt officals to utilize the disaster to facilitate a real estate land-grab by developers.

This group was formed by me
when I heard Michael Chertoff, on TV, say that he was withholding support from the city. It appeard to me, he was holding aid as if he were holding back reinforcements back from a military offensive.

When I heard Michael Chertoff's military sounding statement, I knew then that there was trouble; it felt to me like an offensive in a long held struggle to hurt a
remarkable culture, brought here from Africa as slaves.

This, the African American, or as I have
known it, the Black culture, is the dominant musical culture in the world today. Yet, the elite of the white culture (now the global multicultural elite)
that brought these Africans here, seeks, still, to destroy it; this is the overwhelming evidence of this group.

I temporarially converted my
Matrix of Trust group to the purpose of creating action to shame our congressional leaders into
doing their job of protecting the people.

As it turns out, we have here an amazing history of a equally amazingly thin slice of time.

Within a few short days of news reaching us that pets were being abandoned, by force by federal officials, congress enacted law
protecting pets during time of disaster. I believe that we did that, I feel so becuase we were
the number one source for knowledge through the entire disaster, we were ranked number one on
google as a Katrina forum. This, despite the capital purposes of Care2 that prevented the world
from seeing our documentation without having to register with Care2 (the management has since changed that).

I heard, many times, our exact sentiments on NPR from various
reporters speaking in hushed nervous voices.

I am building a history of this group, not as a Katrina timeline, but as a timeline of our
experience. I am also building a plan, for my degree, of an action web community called "The
New Model for Just In Time Research."

In our documents are an exact synopsis of the problems the
US democracy faces today, not to mention the problems encountered by a democractic action group.

There will be no mea-culpa here; but I believe the evidence, and the bigger pictures of national and regional racism and corruption, can still imprison those guilty for such massive depraved indifference. This is again, no different than slavery and the done to the Native tribes.

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Jul 26, 2008
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A ship collided with an oil barge spilling 9,000 barrels of fuel oil Wednesday forcing the closure of the river from New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico.

Ships began crawling up the Mississippi River at New Orleans in a tightly controlled procession Friday, two days after a massive oil spill shut down a stretch of one of the nation's most critical commercial...  (more)
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Blog: Student Design project: Electronic device to aid in disaster relief operations  

My name is Freddy Weigle I am an Industrial Design (Product Design) student at the Art Institute of Portland in Portland, Oregon. I have read about your all experiences with hurricane Katrina. I was wondering if you all would be willing to share some of your experiences with me. I am working on a project for school that would help people in disaster situations to communicate with family, friends, and rescue/relief personnel.

For one of my Product Design Classes we are creating an electronic device to aid in disaster relief operations / crisis environments. The first part of the process is to see what is needed by the general population/different agencies, improve upon existing technologies, and discover new opportunities. This first part of my research is very broad and is open to new discoveries.

I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss my project with you all.  I would like to get a better understanding of how communications work out under real world circumstances.

My goal is to create a device that would truly help people in disaster / crisis environments.

Please contact me anytime.

Thank You

I can be reached at the following:

Freddy Weigle

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