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I am greaving, my silver mini schnauzer. I had to to the deed on Christmas eve. I am in sad shape,,,although I have gotten some lovely and caring messages. It helps sometimes. But it is still new to me. anyone have a mini schnauzer out there? jd
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I started this group to help me heal from the loss of my dearest mini-Schnauzer.Her name Shaina Punim.(means Pretty Face)She was silver and white.And I had to put her to sleep forever on Christmas eve.last.She lived 14yrs.and 3months. I have been so broken hearted. The doctor said she lived the last 12 months (with severe congestive heart failure, taking 5 medicines) and did good till the last day....for be with me...long enough to get used to the finality of her illness. She knew I wasn't ready last year. Anyway, I thought anyone who has ever loved a dog or any animal...or a mini-schnauzer and that particular kind of love and fun they give us...that people could share their experiences. Maybe adoption help for the breed, or any breed....maybe funny stories, that they have about their dog. Mine learned how to spell.....she knew l.e.a.s.h. b.o.n.e. K.i.s.s. and tho I never ever asked her to beg..hate that word...she sat up herself for a treat each time we came back from a walk and whenever I went into the kitchen, cause she wanted her little doggie cookie. She said waa waa woooo....when I said I LOve youuuuu...she would imitate me. I miss her so much it does so hurt. I know people who have schnauzers love the breed....We used to come upon some on our walks.. Want to share? Welcome to this group. Mini-Schnauzer lovers. I honour my little companion.
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Picture 7 1 year ago
Poem I wrote for and from my Shaina 2 9 years ago
~Shaina Punim~ a message from beyond 3 9 years ago
Re: when is the time right? 3 9 years ago
My Little Wolf 3 9 years ago
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