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OCTOBER 19, 2009


BUISNESS MARKET VALUE: 10,825,464,000.00 Going Concern Value

Background Info: With a loss of over 1 Billion dollars since 2000, with the anticipated Membership base of 1 Billion members within Non-Profit sister Organizations using our Social Multimedia Virtual Platform by 2012, Owner Spiritual Leader of The Tribe or Judah, Sicory vision the importance of a Global Spiritual  Economic and Environmental Development Addenda in mist of America’s recovering economy, while eradicating poverty, homelessness, and starvation by Non-Profit Membership and participation unified according to Theology Doctrine of “Tribe of Judah Ministries” and “Tribe of Judah Tree of Life Oneness Center for Life Force Perfection”. TJM a Non-Profit, New Covenant Ministry having it's roots in Orthodox Christian Oneness recognizing that the Gospel was manifested in sprit  by Christ fulfilling the Old Testament that thru revelation of both minor and major prophets the New Order of Justice, Truth, and Righteousness (Healing, /Peace, Love/Charity, Obedience/atonement, propitiation) in monotheistic "Oneness Among People", Religions, NGO's, and Spiritual Entities, will usher in the New Kingdom establishing everlasting life under the banner held up by The Spiritual Leader of the Tribe of Judah, Tribe of Judah Ministries, Sicory Lockett ( Halie Selassie II).

Based on the theology of "Provident Grace" thru propitiation, the necessary process to become one with "Devine Justice" according to the gift of salvation possessing Kingdom knowledge of all monotheistic faiths having the Koran as the final witness and guide rooted in Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, TJM provides a Multimedia Ministry Platform to aid/accompany sister organizations and entities by providing a New Covenant Ministry Publication of praise, worship, foundation for necessary activities, agendas, of Healing, Charity, Love, Obedience, Grace, Atonement, and Righteousness in order that "Devine Retribution" and "Regeneration" may occur once "Provident Grace" thru "Propitiation" is reached.

TOJTOLOC is a Non-Profit project with great For- Profit potential within ranks of Tribe of Judah Ministries/Oneness Among People Founded by "The Messenger of the New Covenant", Spiritual Leader of the Tribe of Judah (Ministries), Sicory Lockett with a focus on Nutritional Toxicology, Spiritual Oneness, and Physical Fitness in which the lack of has lead the way to cellular damage since the beginning of man's ousting of the Garden of Eden. The aim is to instruct the vitalness of Natural food choices by identifying Food Toxicology, "Health Disparities" and "Provident Grace" of the first generation by which healing is possible as  a preventive measure to counter conditions  made by unsubstantial food choices, the timely and eternal destruction of mankind.

Directing the path to spiritual preservation of life force among believers in the promotion of substantial nature food choices, Naturopathic, Holistic remedies/treatments, in preparation for he that will perfect life everlasting operating in concert with sister projects, NGO's, within the Universe of Entities as well like minded believing entities. The TOLOC program/publication will consist of 1.) Wellness Program consisting of Spiritual Advising 2.) Naturopathic Consulting 3.)  Chiropractics, Healing and Fitness based on Nutrition Toxicology piercing the veil into spiritual natural healing thru nature food choices. To obtain a Universal presence/Advancement Overseas in the regulation of Biological Research Guidelines.

Without further delay, we are happy to announce today the availability of Private Options and Note Investment opportunities with Oneness Among People Spiritual Environmental and Economic Development Banking Platform. (S.E.E.D Bank)

Benefits Privileges and Immunities

Since Adams exile from the Garden, denied access to the "Tree of Life", mankind has in their inability to discover the "Tree of Life" strive daily to create the substance which will one day sustain life-force commonly called the Bio Renaissance Revolution of Stem, Germ, and Embryonic Cell Research. In the name of preservation of life many great discovers have been established, however none other than this project will produce the "Divine Substance" that theology clarify necessary. One concept that has remained the same is that to preserve life is to apply preventive measures sufficient for protecting life-force against cellular damage as a retrospective remedy to a prospective hope for eternity. Medicine study from 12th century forward into Jewish, Islamic Exile  End Time Gospel Prophecy, the ideology that "Obstacles cannot crush me….He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind (Leonardo da Vinci) makes these achievements possible.

The benefits of our platform provide a Spiritual Economy foremost with the autonomy needed to sustain a Spiritual Environment. Spiritual principles upholding our platform are based on those which first established the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church and are the gist of New Covenant times before us today. Such principles reinstall during persecution times of the Orthodox Church by Emperor Tewodros II, (Peace be upon him) having a purpose to put an end to Religious controversy in the Empire and to consolidate the Orthodox faith became know as the Tewhaido doctrine. At the forefront of these principles still relevant, practiced by the Orthodox Church today is “the Divine Father, Son and Holy Spirit is equal, But the Divine Father, Son and Holy Spirit are One God, One Kingdom, One Authority and One Government.” We express this thru Private Membership which is Inheritance in “Propitiation and Provident Grace” for the Kingdom of God.

Likewise our Founding  Project Theme “Tribe of Judah Ministries” set the Spiritual tone in a Royal Purple and Red Production studio setting surrounding Woman in our Lead Project ” Women Rights Practical Network” reaching the International World according to the Healing  Salvation of the Holy Spirit reflective of” Oneness Among People Int.” Spiritual Environmental and Economic Development Platform instructing “Children of the Kingdom” of God in Perfection.

Our ideal Headquarters will house entire operation of Unit Entities primarily from a Main Web Page Template Linking to relevant resources ranging from Non Denominational New Covenant Ministries, Holistic Advising/Treatment, Wellness/Fitness, Biological and Stem Cell Research, Child Advocacy, Foster Care, Educator Support Services, Financial Services and Investment, Security Protection, Risk Management and Mitigation Training/Consulting, Spiritual Environmental and Economic Development, Human and Civil Rights, Import/Export Logistics, Business Consultation, Entertainment Management and Sports Management.

We Plan for a Green Seaport Island for sub- storage/warehousing, Security Risk Management Training,  Consultation, also consisting of S.E.E.D Banking Multimedia Platform to be Titled “Lion’s Den Studios” providing for Internet, Social Networking, Video, Audio, Radio Broad Casting Productions in association with brother and sister Companies/Ngo’s.

Sister Ngo’s headquartered on Seaport Island or conducive Inland Region is estimated to produce $ 13 to 29 Billion thru 2012 in revenue from membership base of 1 Billion Spiritual members of our Spiritual Environmental and Economic Development Banking Platform.

S.E.E.D guarantee more than 34 streams of Income researched for development in Risk Management and Mitigation planning counter to America’s Economic failures, Third World Regeneration, and  to answer the Gravitational pull towards Righteousness in Spiritual Oneness Business dealings according to Justice, Truth and Righteousness.

Additional projects such as Agriculture Cultivation, Signature Apparel Line, Privacy Product Line, Green (Natural) Product Line, Health Food and Nutrition Product Manufacturing as well Distribution believed to develop around the Bi-Annual mark and increase in sustainability annually.

Additional Entities/Projects/Assets on Sea Port Island include: A Laboratory, Manufacturing Plant, and Agriculture Cultivation, to name a few.

By the Annual mark 1 Billion membership bases is very likely expected to produce revenue respectively both For-Profit and Non-Profit fortunes conducive of a self –subsisting private Enterprise as our goal is not to be considered as a Public Trade Option however Investor relations are encouraged as well privately entertained.

We predict around the Annual mark, proceeding “Vow of Poverty Communities” by “Green Design”, the vitality of S.E.E.D Banking within International territories where as interest free lending in Network with Traditional funding sources will strengthen the force to eradicate poverty, homelessness, and Third World Starvation according to our Doctrine of Spiritual Environmental and Economic Development.

Total Estimated Operation Budget: $2.7 Million (beginning) to $1,804,244,000.00 (at 3rd year) x 6 mos. = 10,825,464,000.00 Going Concern Value (Excess earnings) 216,509,280.00 in Goodwill minus any tangible assets @20% discount rate. Community of Entities/Ngo’s which make up one Unit in self-sufficiency listed below:

1. (For –Profit) Firm Business Entertainment and Sport Management: Large Scale Productions/Management

 2. (For-Profit) Lion’s Den Studios: Multi-Media Video, Audio, Internet Broadcasting Services

3. (Non-Profit) Tribe of Judah Ministries; New Covenant Ministries, Spiritual Advising 4. (For-Profit) Provident Grace Olive Oil Production: Anointed Olive Oil/Fruit Gift Basket production for distribution.

4. (Non-Profit) & (For- Profit) Tribe of Judah Tree of Life Oneness Center; Holistic Counseling, Wellness/Fitness Programs, Spiritual Advising

 5. (Non-Profit) Oneness Among People: Spiritual Environmental and Economic Development Consulting & Human Rights Advocacy

6. (Non-Profit)Women’s Rights Practical Network: Various Spiritual building programs not limited to Constitutional rights, Self Defense, Spiritual Green Metabolism, Economic Development, Health and Nutrition, Fitness, Single Parent Hood. Generation of Economic Spiritual Metabolism

7. (For- Profit) Tribe of Judah Security; Protection, Risk Management, Mitigation

8. (For –Profit) The Millionaire Foundation; Logistics and Business Consultation.

9. (Non-Profit) Tribe of Judah for Self Defense; Self Defense Protection Training for (TJM)

10. (Non-Profit) & (For-Profit) Kingdom Financial Services; Investment Consulting, Financial Services/S.E.E.D Development Banking Platform, Israelite Redemption Fund

11. (Non-Profit) Children of the Kingdom: Child Advocacy, Foster Care Programs, Educator Support Services

12. (Non-Profit) & (For-Profit) Provident Grace Primary Care Givers: Medical Marijuana Cultivation & Research

13. (For-profit) Provident Grace Organic Herb and Fruit Cultivation Research and Production (Anointed Fruit Baskets)

14. (For-Profit) Lion Juice by Judah (Name subject to change); health drink/food establishment

15. (For-Profit) Clothing Line for Manufacturing, distribution

16. (For-Profit) Privacy Product Line of Services; Postal Service Franchise,









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