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In order to understand people who self-harm you must first understand urself. It may be difficult to understand why someone would deliberately harm themselves but it's important to remember that many people do things that are harmful from time to time.
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WHY asking for help can be difficult There are many reasons why young people may find it difficult to ask for help: Not knowing who to ask. Not knowing that confidential help is available. Feeling too ashamed or bad about themselves. Being worried that who they tell will be shocked or angry with them. Being frightened of being labelled mad, suicidal or attention-seeking. Bad or negative experiences in the past may make it difficult for them to trust people. If they have been abused or neglected they may feel they are better off dealing with things on their own. Feeling worried they may be forced into treatment they don't want.
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Message: hello my name is susan i am a newbie  

Dear one and all
Hello i am new here just joined, today!
I am a self-harmer for many years, I do burns, scalds, abversoins, scrathes, bruises to the skin and small cuts. It is an act to make you feel better about yourself (well i do). Just lately i tried to give myself an overdose on toxics like booze, fags and pills. Over a silly boy who i fell in love over. I am a bum and nothing that i do for the community is never good enough. He desrves better than me. I need help to over come this long term problem may be a pent up of lost anger?


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