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Blog: Your cause  
I see that this site is centered around some good causes and that's why I became part of it. I have been watching politics and politically active causes for some time. I believe that the possibility of real change taking place is slim. As empirical evidence, I use the current condition of the planet. I'm sure you all know what you'd like to see different. I know you all have ideas about what is blocking these changes. Here's what I see, in a nutshell. We can't have what we think is best because the people in power don't share our views. Yesterday I looked at a video of the congress passing that deadline for troop withdrawal attached to the budget. There was a lot of smiles like some major coup had been won. It is my opinion that it is nothing. The congress can impeach. How many of us would impeach? How many in the whole country would impeach? I'm not a Bush hater. He has an agenda, it is his right.
OK, I could use any number of examples. Your cause is important to me. It makes no difference to me what that cause may be. It's important to me because it's your cause. I think that if the majority of our citizenry is for your idea then it should be made law and let's see what happens. If it turns out that it's not working then a majority can overturn it. This is my cause: that your issues are on the media in our homes, on the news and talk shows and radios. The obstacle to this cause, and therefore all causes is the professional politician.
My solution is clean money elections( You can research this at the website. The only way , I see, that your cause become reality is to elect your own representative. That is different from voting for whoever is up for election. The way I see it is if all of us would concentrate on one main assault front and get this process put into practice at every level of government then everything else would fall into place.
I don't know all that we can do. I have been sending this idea, site, ect. to every media outlet that has a contact us tab. I would like an open dialog for moving in this direction.

Posted: Mar 24, 2007 8:38pm | (0) | (0) |  
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