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To promote, educate, get more treatment options, keep doctors/patients in control of medications. Reach out for more research, medications and a cure for those suffering from chronic pain and illness. Please reach out with me to help.
The American Pain Foundation has made incredible strides in getting the

—National Pain Care Policy Act Approved by Committee!


Our voices are being heard! The U.S. House of Representative’s Energy and Commerce Committee approved the National Pain Care Policy Act of 2009 (H.R. 756). The legislation will now move to the full House for consideration and then travel to the U.S. Senate! To read more about this incredible bill go to this URL:

Check out the new thread about Lupus! There is the first of its kind, since Lupus had been diagnosed over a century ago, medication that is on its way to be approved by the FDA! My hopes are that after reading all of the incredible information about the clinical trials, that I will be chomping at the bit, so to speak to be one of the first patients on it! Very few and minor side effects, possibly the tiniest dose of Prednisone, or probably NONE! And the data from all of the clinical trials has given me hope that this medication is truly a God-Send for those like myself, our spouses, our families and friends as they have also watched the pain and misery, this chronic illness causes. The medication is called Benlysta TM, Glaxo-Kline/along with Human Genome Sciences have invented this so greatly needed medication and done all of the clinical trials. For more information, Google the name of the medication "Benlysta", and you will find all kinds of links to go to for reading more about it! 

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