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Discuss Management and Organizational Development as promoted by Progressive thinking people such as Dr. Deming, Dr. Juran, and Margaret Wheatley. The Co-operative Movement, Ideality, and Theory of Inventive Problem Solving will also be topics.

This group was just started on 8/27/2004.

For now please visit some of these few websites to see what I am refering to. I will try to post more, and better information for you very soon.

The Deming Institute

The Deming Cooperative

Society of Organizational Learning

Chaordic Commons

Juran Institute

Margaret Wheatley, and the Berkana Institute:
Margaret Wheatley
Berkana Institute

Zingerman's Zing Train

Ideation International

Expira AB, english homepage Also available in Swedish and Finnish

Baldrige National Quality Program

Peer Spirit

Follow the Leader

Engage Interact


From the Four Directions

Berkana is an ancient Norse word for birch tree, and symbolically stands as the Norse rune for growth and rebirth. As described in The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum, Berkana "denotes a form of fertility that fosters growth both symbolically and actually." It is the rune that leads to blossoming and ripening. "Berkana is concerned with the flow of beings into their new forms. Its action is gentle, penetrating, and pervasive." In order to promote blossoming, Berkana requires the qualities of modesty, patience, fairness and generosity.

I have been told that this group sounds a little too "Highbrow", or scholarly for them, but they might stop in to read sometime. I can say that I really am a Lowbrow.
In order for these organizational styles to work we have to both bring the practicality of "Common Sense" to the "Ivory Towers", and de-mystify the numbers, charts and graphs for the frontline people. Some of the best books on the subject are also a fairly entertaining read, I will post a list of a few of my favorites. For now I reccomend "Leadership and the New Science" by Margaret Wheatley, and "Sacred Cows Make the Best Hamburgers" by Robert Kriegel.

It's 9/19/04, I'll be back to work on this soon.

Please feel free to join in or start another discussion thread, and especially post a greeting. Don't forget to check the "View all topics" button to see if there is already a discussion going.

1/28/05: I am getting more convinced that it was a mistake to start any groups here on Care2, especially "Progressive Management" seems to be the biggest mistake. Care2 has shown NO signs of being Progressively Managed, and has shown much support for the Neo-Cons that are members of Care2. My offers to help were met with silence, therefore I think that none on the Care2 Staff are interested in learning about what they "say" they support.

I cannot even delete MY OWN groups, I will have to abandon them when I leave, therefore I am stuck with returning to see that the groups I started have not been turned into thier opposite.

Good Luck!

Have Fun!

Mike E.

SPAMMING this Group will not be tolerated.
One of the biggest frustrations is cleaning up the SPAM messages, this is not a place to post "get rich quick scams" or dating services.
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