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All Quacked Up is our Mini Farm & Animal Sanctuary. We would like to talk with others who want to help Animals and find more ways to help. If that's you then welcome to the group.
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The online shop helps fund animal rescue efforts.

Free Shipping Jan 1 - 31 on orders $15 or more. Use code FREESHIPPING07 All funds from shop help rescue animals!

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Donations help with rescue efforts, feeding, housing, medical care, etc. It's not cheap to care for animals, but it is vastly rewarding to know you've helped :)

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    Blog: The Power of a Dollar  
    All Quacked Up Mini Farm & Sanctuary Date: Jan 9 2007 7:21 PM

    $1 from everyone on our friends list would put us at over $300... that
    would get Sugar & Gabby spayed.. it would Get Devora, Tex, Peaches,
    Gabby, and Sugar vaccinated and have some left over for food and
    possibly other needs.

    Now that's one seriously powerful Dollar wouldn't you say?

    Devora (husky mix), Peaches (unknown breed), Tex (unknown breed), and
    Sugar (Pit/Lab mix) all have pics in view more pics. They are all
    rescues and all are able to be adopted.

    We are wanting to get
    them to the Vet before hand so Sugar can be spayed and so they can all
    be vaccinated and heart worm tested!

    Gabby (Chocolate Lab) is
    also pictured in the view more pics. She is an old girl and is to be a
    sanctuary dog. She too needs to be spayed, vaccinated, and heart worm

    We are trying to run a donation drive or sell items
    from the shop in order to be able to get these furbabies the vet care
    they desperately need

    All help is greatly appreciated by us and the animals :)

    Click HERE To Dontate via Paypal!

    Free Shipping Jan 1 - 31 on orders $15 or more. Use code FREESHIPPING07 All funds from shop help rescue animals!




    Tex & Peaches


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    Posted: Jan 9, 2007 5:09pm | (0) | (0) |  
    Alert: Because Ducks Love Too...  
    Focus:Animal Welfare
    Action Request:Think About
    Location:United States
    She's a great mom. I know I was there when she hatched out 11 babies and then promptly told me to get lost in duck language cause she's so protective and I'm so darn big. She's a leader... just ask the males who are at least twice her size who get chastized if they mess up the pecking order. She Loves.. ask her children who have now grown into well rounded Ducks who know how to forage, how to fly, and that even though the human Lady is HUGE she has the grapes so she's not half bad lol.

    They talk to each other with their voices as well as many gestures and body motions. They try to talk to their humans and we can only hope to understand part of what they say. They are Domestic ducks.... they can't live in the wild.. they don't know how. Throwing them out on a pond is equivalent to throwing out your cat or dog. Just because they have feathers and not fur doesn't make then that much different.. just beautiful in a different way. People think they can live on bread.. that's basically the equivallent of making your child live on gummi bears their whole life. They might like it but eventually they die of malnutrition.

    They're very clean and absolutely LOVE to have a bath. Water is one of their best friends.. as well as an escape route from predators.

    No, most Domestic Ducks & Geese don't fly well if at all. Some do. Their wings help them escape danger and if they have a good home they wont want to leave it. Domestic Ducks & Geese DO NOT Migrate!

    There are many many types of Ducks and Geese and at any given time on any given lake or pond it's possible to see a few.. some of which were either dumped by their humans or are the offspring of dumped domestic Ducks & Geese. Most people don't know the difference. If you'd like to know the difference.. take a picture.. look them up. Wildlife and Fisheries WILL NOT help Dumped Domestic Animals.. they only deal withg wildlife so the Domestics either need to be rescued or they're truly on their own and many die from starvation, people killing them, illness, injury from fishing line, hooks, etc.

    Now you know a bit about the plight of Ducks & Geese... It's the same sad story as all abandoned and abused animals the world over. The have Feathers not Fur, but they Still Love and need Love in return.

    The ducks in these photos, with the red caruncling on their faces are Muscovy Ducks. The originated in Brazil. There are still wild flocks of this breed of duck. There are a great many of them in Florida... most of the wild ones tend to be mostly black from what I have read. They are the only breed of Domestic Duck (that I know of) that are not derived from Mallard Ducks.

    Posted: Dec 28, 2006 7:44am | (0) | (0) |  
    Blog: New Stuff!  
    I have a few New Designs up at the All Quacked Up Online
    Store! The Donkey just cracks me up LMAO! Take a look and tell me what
    ya think. I am hoping this store goes well. We seriously need to fund a
    rescue mission to save some dumped waterfowl before they freeze. It's
    getting cold down here.

    Posted: Dec 26, 2006 8:57am | (0) | (0) |  
    Blog: GOOD Foods for Waterfowl...  
    Since I have warned you all about how bad bread is for waterfowl I
    thought perhaps it is time I told you about foods that are Good for
    them. A lot of these foods I feed my own waterfowl as well ...

    Imported from external blog

    Posted: Nov 2, 2006 3:55am | (0) | (0) |  
    Blog: Why Bread is Bad for Waterfowl!  
    Another post in my lil educational series here. I do hope it helps. This next piece Is from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue www.carolinawaterfowlrescue.comBreaking the Bread HabitDucks beg for our attention...

    Imported from external blog

    Posted: Oct 26, 2006 2:45am | (0) | (0) |  
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