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School of Santhi in India teaches traditional yoga in the spiritual way and seriously guide the student on the spiritual path of Yoga, the science of body, mind and soul in the old Gurukula system prevalent in India long ago. Welcome to join!
Santhis talk about healing:

Dear Yoga friends,

Few lines about healing

All illness stems from stress. Stress is a condition of the mind when there is a demanding situation and insufficient tools to deal that demand.

Stress affects the rhythm of breathing.This in turn affects the pranic balance of the body, that alters the body chemistry resulting in fatigue of the cells.

Fatigue results in weakening, malfunctioning, loss of resistance etc. Tiredness, pain and uneasiness that follow make one confused and miserable.

In that state of confusion the person can't discriminate between good and bad and right and wrong.

When one can't discriminate between right and wrong; good and bad, he can't enjoy his life and celebrate it.

He feels not at ease. This condition of not at ease is dis-ease. Disease demands change.

Are you ready to change?

If you are, you will come out of your disease for sure!

Aum Tat Sat!

Swami Santhiprasad
School of Santhi in India
November 2008
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