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60 percent of the Pacific and 35 percent of the Atlantic Ocean coastline shrink by 1m each year. Please help!


Corona Extra has set up a new initiative to protect Europe’s beaches.

60 percent of the Pacific and 35 percent of the Atlantic Ocean coastline shrink by 1m each year.

We don’t believe in sitting back while our beaches deteriorate by the day, whether due to natural occurrences or to human activity. We know that our beaches are in danger and we feel that environmental education is essential for all this to change.

That’s why we are taking a first step with this Project, Corona Save the Beach.

Our mission:

Corona Save the Beach helps preserve Europe’s endangered beaches. Corona will recover at least one European beach each year, chosen by the users of this web. In addition, Corona will donate all profits obtained from the sale of the limited edition of Custo Barcelona bags to the Save the Beach project.

Our principles:

- Corona looks after our coastline and is deeply committed to saving our beaches.
- Corona asks you to treat our beaches responsibly

We have committed ourselves to saving our beaches, a heritage that is rapidly disappearing. This pioneer initiative needs your support and your cooperation. Of all beaches proposed by the users of this web Corona will select 10, of which the most voted will be saved.

This initiative is supported by Fee, the Foundation for Environmental Education which develops programmes like Blue Flag, the quality seal awarded each year to beaches and marinas meeting strict environmental criteria.

We depend on you to tell us which beaches need Corona’s help. With your help, we aim to heighten the public’s awareness of the need to look after our beaches, so that future generations can enjoy their beauty.

Send us your photos of beaches in need of help!

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