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Scrapping 4 Inclusion: a network of volunteers organizing fundraising crops to help children with disabilities be included in everything life has to offer. We support The Bubel/Aiken Foundation. Inclusion - the right thing to do!
Scrapping 4 Inclusion is a nationwide awareness and fundraising campaign that solely benefits The Bubel/Aiken Foundation.We are developing a network of volunteers across the USA who are organizing a fundraising scrapbooking crop in their own community.

In 2007 we raised over $12,000. Our 2008 goal is 100 events and we have over 50 locations on board right now so we are already halfway there.

The mission of Scrapping 4 Inclusion is to combine one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America with the need for creating awareness and raising funds on behalf of children with disabilities and their advocates at The Bubel/Aiken Foundation (TBAF).

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About The Foundation that we support

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation grew out of the relationship between Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel and Diane’s, then 13-year-old son, Mike who had been diagnosed with autism. Clay met the Bubel family while pursuing a career in special education. The bond between Clay and the Bubel family grew strong as they shared a vision of a world where children like Mike could be fully immersed in society. Clay and Diane had witnessed children with disabilities repeatedly turned away from activities opened to typical children. They knew with the right support system doors could be opened to these individuals that had thus far remained closed. An organized effort could encourage and facilitate community inclusion and empowerment of individuals with disabilities. This shared goal grew into reality on July 28, 2003 when Clay officially announced the creation of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation.

If you would like more information on The Bubel/Aiken foundation please visit their website at

In addition to the Fundraising Crops, Scrapping 4 Inclusion has developed an inclusive scrapbooking program for children of ALL abilities called Let’s ALL Scrapbook. Information on this additional program and the program manual is available for download on the Scrapping 4 Inclusion site.

This Group is meant for anyone interested in helping us spread the word about the value of inclusion for ALL children. Whether you are a scrapbooker, event organizer, the parent of a child with a disability or just someone who feels this cause is worth talking about, everyone is welcome to join. Tell your friends what we are doing and help build this group of advocates who are taking the love of a hobby and putting it to work in our communities to help children.
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