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Exploring different spiritual religions? Searching for the truth?Here we discuss different ideas and possiblities. Gnostic, Pagan, Wiccan, etc... Please feel free to share prayers, spellworkings, and other experiences and ideas.
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WELCOME!!! This group is all about searching for the truth...where ever and what ever it might be. This group has many resources and many ideas. Please take a look and if you use any, please submit some too! Look for new and interesting ideas and PLEASE add your thoughts and ideas too! We are always looking for new members and friends! Looking forward to meeting you, and exchanging ideas, Isa and Sabbie! P.S. We know the truth can be difficult to find and understand, but one thing is for certain...Life as we know it started w/ the truth of God/Goddess, and so it shall end w/ it! Blessed Be! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Welcome one and all. please feel free to post what is on your mind. we dont judge but freely welcome all. do you believe in ghosts, sprits, afterlife. what do you believe in? who do you worship? what matters to you? do you ever feel like you are being watched or followed? do you ever think you see things? or feel things? do you ever get chills at odd times? do you think of what could possibly be after this life? do you ever wonder if we have more lives? do you ever wonder why certain people feel oddly familiar to you? do you ever want to know more? do you want the absolute truth that you cant seem to find in any one book? do you ever want to know if there is someone else out there that feels the same way you do? well you've come to the right place. tell us how you feel, arise your questions and feel safe to search for the ultimate truth that can only be found in pure intellect and love. Let down your guard and feel this beautiful light surround you! Come into the Presence of Loved Ones that you didn't even know were there! --Sabbie and Isa
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