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Unlock Reality explains the Construction of the Universe in simple terms that anyone can understand. This site is created to help prepare for it's imminent World Release, and will continue to serve as a support group once the work is available

Welcome to the Home of The UR Effect

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(Please note that you cannot buy Unlock Reality from us.)

About this Group…

Everyone is welcome here whatever your background or orientation, no decent subjects are off limits. Feel free to tell us about your thoughts, interest and opinions or just have a good read; as you will see there is always a lot going on, check it out…

If you want to just jump in and have a look
a good place to start is…

The manuscript Unlock Reality (UR) inspired this site and in true UR Spirit, we aim to make this a gathering place for individuals who are not inclined to join clubs… a place where knowledge is shared as opposed to taught… a place with an open-door for all, 24 hours a day.

Some Background…

In the summer of 2005, fifty copies of a little book called Unlock Reality (UR) were left on park benches in London England to be found. People walking their dogs in those parks that day probably had no idea that those books would travel the world and capture the imagination of so many.

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The manuscript Unlock Reality (UR) has to be one of the most unusual texts on the planet, having the potential to produce a shift in perception that could change the course of history and guarantee the survival of the human race.

What started as a ‘Book on a Bench’ has now become an international phenomenon known as the UR-Effect, which we are proud to be a part of.

If you would like to know more about Unlock Reality (UR) a good place to start is UnlockReality.ORG or feel free to ask questions in the group.

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(the red flags represent places that UR has reached & is probably being shared round)

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This is an eye friendly site.
Please post in font size 4 (14 pt) type, if you can.

This Group is WINNER OF the Shining Star Award
Best Saving Humanity Group
Group Discussions
9 years ago (10 replies) |
Last reply by Hello : Hi Francois,   My experience is that many have gone off to experience what was originally on the pages, and is now in their hearts and minds. I pointed out the KIndness Offensive in London. This is an amazing movement.... more»
by Tony H.
9 years ago (30 replies) |
Last reply by Vivian : Is this hunt stll going on? What is the best way today to have a copy, e-book or so of the manuscript? I work on a mac (apple) and there is no download for macs.... ... more»
by Tony H.
11 years ago (89 replies) |
Last reply by Rob : That should be "frame my thoughts" ... more»
by Tony H.
11 years ago (41 replies) |
by Tony H.
11 years ago (50 replies) |
11 years ago (35 replies) |
11 years ago (58 replies) |
by Tony H.
11 years ago (25 replies) |
by Tony H.
12 years ago (8 replies) |
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