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Boycott 4 Justice March 9 - No Shopping!

Boycotts have long been used as a nonviolent approach to inspire Big Business and government to be more fair.  Imagine a day when no one buys groceries, gasoline, electronics, cars, or anything whatsoever.  CAN YOU HEAR US NOW? What is the commonality between criminalizing mental illness, high incarceration rates, war, unemployment, reduced funds for education and other social programs, weak environmental protection laws, capital punishment, and other justice issues?  CORPORATE GREED.  It is time to address unethical business practices financially.  Individuals and groups rally, march, and make heartfelt pleas for change, but corporate America cannot hear us.  Money matters, so keep yours on March 9 and on the 9th of every month throughout 2011.  It is our 9/11 attack on corporate greed.  Please see and share the four (4) articles at the links below, and give me your feedback.  Thanks!

Boycott 4 Justice March 9 -No Shopping!  


Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011


Stop Torturous Executions in the U.S.A.   


Freedom for Egypt, Iran, and Mary Neal!




For the Love of Money

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. ~ 1 Timothy 6:10

Join the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE - No Shopping on March 9 and the 9th of each month throughout 2011.  It is our 9/11 attack against corporate greed.







Mary Neal


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