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OIG investigation

I received a letter from the Office of the Inspector General. - Good News!


They are referring 2 indicated allegations from 2005 back to the investigative authority.

I was indicated for leaving my children alone at night while I worked.

The children's father left for work early and left the children sleeping. A police and DCFS investigation showed that I was at work until 6AM and the father didn't have to be at work until 7AM.

I was indicated instead of him.

Also, not only was there a call from the police, but also the father's Aunt that called to see if "Dad had left and was Mom home"

Both investigations were concerning the same incident same day and same events however DCFS choose to start 2 different cases.


With the OIG investigating as to why the father was not indicated and he was the "adult" in charge, why I was indicated twice,


My current case is now being continued so that the States Attorney can gather medical and mental health records.


Funny how the prosecution rested and said that they had all information needed 3 court appearances ago and now they need to get more information.


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