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Santa Is Broke

Santa Is Broke

The 10 month trial to adjudicate my children has ended on December 11, 2009 with the State of Illinois and Department of Children and Family Service motition to DISMISS WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

The State and DCFS could not gather any "credible evidence" of neglect.

I never took the stand. My evidence was never presented.

Their witnesses could not offer any supportative evidence. They never had to appear.

My expenses in gathering evidence $10,045 plus my time.

My savings are depleated, we have little for Christmas (Angel Tree and Toys For Tots). I almost lost my job due to absences' for court, I developed Anxiety and Depression, My children became depressed and angry.

I found HIPPA Violations within the DCFS system. I found Privacy Violations within DCFS.


I found the Annomyous caller's identy.

My son is coming home for Christmas from the Navy.

I can now move on with the Federal Warrant for my ex-husband.

My children should all be home by 2010.

I was a finalist in the "Win The Window" contest - but didn't win.

I have found my TRUE FRIENDS that have stood beside me with all of this going on.



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