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Dear members, it was a great week in France -Bretagne-, that is very special, its the part which was connected once to the UK, when all land was more conected to eachother, now it is part french, part kind off keltisch, so different from the rest off France, it was sunny, lots off flowers everywhere, and all thoose roudabounds, u have nowadays instead off crossings, when driving a car, they were pretty, trees, flowers, or statues off farmers, shoemakers, milkmaids and so on, a joy to go around.
So back to normal, eh, thats is.....back to dayly life........the world off minors and to much, the world off loud unrightly voices and silence, the world off abused earth and animals, ppl and children, back to.................a somtimes lonley life, sometimes a pretty, colourfull and actif life, i hope u all had a good time, in clicking and signing and act, but also some fun and sunshine.
The last 4 weeks 3 members left the group, they dont say goodbye, just delete themselves, i dont know what to think about it, or feel about it, better not see it as a negatif sign, maybe u want to help me out, when u know something about this and also ask ur friends to become a member, if u think the group should do or act more.. tell us, if u know some good advice, so give it, if u want to write down some story, please do, thank u for ur effort, please ask anyone to sign the 3 petitions, they will be here till end off 2010 and more members would be nice........maybe someone could tell me, how to bring this news to all, i still dont know if anyone is able to read/getting this.........thank u, warm hugs, marjolein

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