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Dear members, somehow this is strange to put down here, because the members who left will not read this, but i would like ask all of you, to give me a notice when u leave the group GREENFOREVER, since the beginning only 2 members left, but i would like to know why and ask for explanation, maybe i could do something about it, maybe someone who needs attention, maybe i am able to learn from the critisism they would provide me, maybe its someone who has not time left, being ill, or taking care for someone else and due to this no energy left to be kept busy via our group/care2, anyway, i hope u wont mind i started this subject and ofcourse i hope nobody leaves.

Another problem is the denial in submition of my shares, or submitted stories in this group, it is either my computer or something from Care2, i hope to solve this problem anyhow, maybe u have some advises for me.

Thank u very much for ur attention, please let me know if u think something could be better, or if u have green stories, good news, advise and so on, please come in sometimes and share ur news, also here somehow my shares are not going to other groups, this will be me, i dont know how to do that, how to obtain this possebillety.........

Have a great time, thank u for caring and antisipate in so many good causes, think green, live green and u will be greenwelcome to all my sincere apologies for the bad english, marjolein


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