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Dear Friends of the Kitties Their is good news & bad. Chrissy and I are only the work horses you are the true Kitties " Guardian Angles" Our power Company Florida Power & Lights just left the Haven. They will shut off the power today for two months of power bills totally $1110.32. We need to raise these fund today or they will turn the power off. The truth is we need to raise these funds and if we do not the consequences is - No Power tonight. The kitties need the power on. We can not operate without it. They are giving us till the end of the day which may be all the time we need. God willing. We have two AC systems. One for the leukemia kitties and one for the Haven. We have had FPL Power Team out to the Haven to find out why the bills are so high , twice so far, and we have went by all their recommendations to no avail. The first time they told us to get a new unit for the Haven and we did. Last year, we were hoping to lower the power bill by having Smitty's Air Condition in Venice, put a new one in at the Haven and they put a sub par unit for the size of the Haven. This cost my Mother $7,000.. She fought it with every means possible and lost. They were suppose to refund $2,000 dollars but never did. Now we are stuck with the sub par new unit and the power bill is the almost the same. The one is the leukemia blg is old is old and needs replacing. By the grace of God and your love for the kitties everyday I raise $250 a day for the kitties daily needs and their Vet care through out the week. We are still struggling with the basic operating expenses We have no where to turn. Though the love of the kitty lovers through out the World we have made it this far at a day at a time. With your help today we can make it another day. We need to raise $1110.32 by the end of the day. Please HELP if you can. Please SHARE with everyone you can Please PRAY for us to make it thought it.. Rick & Chrissy & Da Kitties GOOD NEWS ALSO Good News: In the middle of the crisis that we are in today. I still have to move on. I just got off the phone with Halo. The nice lady said " Halo, will be very glad to help us." I have to send out the information she requested today. They will review it with so many request for help. Won't it be a dream come to true if Ellen found out about the kitties plight personally and got involved.