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SPECIAL REPORT ON THE FUTURE OF PUFFY PAWS KITTY HAVEN - IN THE MONTH OF JANUARY YOU ALL HAVE DONATED THROUGH PAYPAL $6713.23 We are so close yet so far. The only reason the kitties are alive today is through the love of the kitties lovers through out the world. Locally we have a handful of supporters and we are acceptng this fact. But what a job they are doing. But this does not mean we will never stop trying to get more help the kitties need locally and world wide. As you know Chrissy and I do the work of 20 people and through our love for the kitties and your help, we are making it at a day at a time. It cost around $7500 a month for the kitties daily supplies and around $3,000 dollars for the operating expenses. The Thrift Shop alone can not generate this type of funds needed in keeping the doors open at Puffy Paws. But our - “ Just Ask Hope You Can Help “ Internet Fund Raising Campaign has. IN THE MONTH OF JANUARY YOU ALL HAVE DONATED THROUGH PAYPAL $6713.23 Facilitated by the “ The World’s Greatest Social Media High Tech Beggar”. Richard Joseph Kingston 11 - That will be me. We can not thank you enough. However we are falling short behind all the bills once again and we are making it with the kitties daily needs by a miracle and a prayer. Our nerves our shot at the end of the day. We will continue do to what we do for the kitties under our care Chrissy needs her supplies in a timely fashion everyday. She can not do her job without them. She is willing to continue her grueling schedule as long as we can care for the kitties properly and get the adoptable kitties into ‘Fur -Ever” homes. When the day comes that we fail day after day, the only humane thing will be is to give them all up. Their fate will be most certainly death. Yet we will never surrender ,we will keep on trucking alone as long as we can take care of the kitties properly. Yet we still need your help World Wide & locally everyday to carry out our mission. Adopt - Donate -Volunteer -Share & Pray Can you image if you had more help locally and on-line volunteers ? We could get help from Grants, put on fund raising events, Adoption events , get our eBay store up and running , PR events. Start producing The Reality TV Show’ The Adventures of the World’s Greatest Cathouse “Cat Lovers contacting the companies that can help us.” The sky is the limit. It been me and Chrissy for a long time now and we can not do this alone. We need you. Once again we are so close but yet so far . We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and Mad Kitty Love goes out to you all.