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Dear Friend of the Kitties Thank you for all that you do and sticking by us. I hope you week is going better than mine. I'm not having a good dental week at all. First of all, I lost my fake front tooth, as you can see in the Video. I posted on our facebook page Now I have two cavities working and they are flaring up this week and sometimes the pain is unbearable, as you will see, if you watch the video. Today is the day, I realize I need to take some time to take care of myself because I can not function at 100% this way. I need to go see a dentist ASAP, there are dental clinics that will take me with my Medicaid but that is not the problem . The problems it is hard to break away from trying to raise the $250 dollars a day it cost for the kitties daily need . If I can get ahead for one day I will be comfortable knowing the kitties are taken care of while I take care of myself. So I may take care of the kitties at 100% percent of my capability, instead of being in excruciating pain , every hour. I do not ever ask for anything for myself personally but this time I have to ask. If you can help in anyway so we may get ahead a day so I may get out of pain and take care of the kitties that would be great. RAIN TODAY The rain is here and that means limited business at the Thrift Shop but we had a $100 day but that is not enough for the kitties to buy enough cat litter and food for the kitties. We need to raise $150 more to be set for the next 24 hours. So if you can help ..please do we may feed the kitties. The Shopping Cart page is working out very well. By using the Shopping Cart Donation Page now you can donate to pay for 1 case of wet food, $16.80 ,1 bag of dry, $12.49 or more. It is all up to what your heart and budget can afford to take care of the kitties. Please help if you can,,,, We are doing the very best we can with the cards we are dealt and we hope we make you proud of what we do. Thank You Rick & Chrissy & Da Kitties We have had a grant writer for a couple months now and Catherine is kicking butt. We can not thank Catherine enough. Check out the Companies she appealed to for the kitties. Keep your paws crossed. Karnak Clean Control Home Depot Publix Purina Friskies Valley Vet Swanson !-800-PetMeds Pet Flow Pet Food Direct JeffersPet Merial Nutro Blue Buffalo iVet Petsmart GreaterGood Doris Day Animal Foundation Pepsi Refresh Rescue Bank Gila ScaredyCut Boost Ensure Nix SoundBytes Quality Chemical Company