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This comment s directed to the writter of the article on our troops that stated : ' THEY AREN'T PROTECTING US AND WE SHOULD STOP THANKING THEM " ( REALLY ? ) and all tose who agreed with it.


 Michael, have yOu ever been in the military ? ARE YOU STILL LIVING WITH MOM & DAD ?


 A soldier goes where he is told to go, does what he is told to do, soldiers don't have a vote or voice when it comes to following orders. That's the main reason they are there, the second one is this; ' THEY ARE KEEPING THE WAR OVER THERE, OR WOULD YOU RATHER IT BE HPPENNING HERE ON U.S.A. SOIL ? "


 I served 2 years in the army's green berets, came pretty close to be shipped to Nam, for on the weekend I was schedule for this, the war ended. I later served 4 years in the U.S.M.C. , last 2 as a drill sgt. I don't consider myself a heroe, BUT all the troops out there, and all the veterans of every war, aliv and in heaven ARE, MAY GOD BLESS THEM ALL AND THEIR FAMILIES.


 It's easy to judge someone , buuut, before you judge our men and women in uniform, WALK A MILE IN THEIR SHOES. I doubt that there is anybody that likes to be at war or in war, thousands of innocent babies, women, children, men get killed or physically changed for life on both sides. In these 2 wars alone, over 5,000 of our men and women paid the highest price, no purple heart will bring them back to life or mend the sadness and dispair their passing caused.


 And those who will be coming back , half way healthy or legless, armless, sigthless, with sicknesses and mental trauma, will not only have to deal with the fact that most of them won't even find their jobs waiting for them, something employers were supposed to have hold open for them. Banks have or are oreclossing on their homes. The V.A. medical plan stinks as everybody by now knows, and to top it all, they have to her their own country telling them : ' YOU WEREN'T PROTECTING US " , by people who trully didn't know what they were talking about or could care less.


 Any war is senseless, if any, this article should had been directed at the arrogant polititians on both sides tht caused it. LET'S GET ONE THING STRAIGTH; " THISCOUNTRY GOT TO BE THE GREAT COUNTRY IT IS, AFTER THE GRACE OF GOD , THANKS TO IT'S MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN , GOD BLESS THEM ALL AND YOU"