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Host Announcement
HUGE WARM Welcome to Dianne, our new host.

Thank you our beloved friend to all the animals in the world.

HUGE WARM Welcome to Dianne, our new host.


Smile a day helps to keep the :( sad away.


Thank you for being our new host Dianne.

Warm welcome to our new Co-Host Dianne! :-)



Welcome to Save Animals Of Labour. S.A.O.L. Dianne ! :-)


A message of encouragement.


Stay strong in the face of adversity and be brave, for there is NO other way really because you are a born leader and a light of hope, the voiceless animals, voiceless people, voiceless environment needs people like you.




Let NO one hurt you, not in words or deeds, you stay strong our beloved friend.






Always remember to:






2. ANTICIPATIONS:EXPECT the unexpected.


3. IF you do not ask: never KNOW.


4. If you do not try: never SUCCEED.


5: ALWAYS go to a better place, and leave that last place you just left the same or BETTER then when you first had arrived. (Which is what you already have done Dianne, this is what makes you a guardian and friend to so many.)


6. It is NOT ALWAYS FOR US TO KNOW, what good we have done or will do, BUT it SHOULD AND IS good enough for us to know that we have done our utmost best... and in doing so, it is good enough to know that we have done something good to help save lives, just like a link in a chain or a jig saw puzzle until a bigger and better picture is created.


7. We may not always be able to save ALL the lives, but if we save one life, we give the world back to that one life.


8. Sometimes in our lives, we become a bit stuck... perhaps it may be a traumatic experience e.g., stuck on a mountain with a broken leg. There are decisions to make, even NOT making a decision, is a decision to not do anything. We can decide to make an attempt of constructive action, even if the outcome of our actions are NOT always turn our in our favor or best well being. It is a decision made. Or the the other thing we can decide to do, IS TO SIT STILL and hope in vain that our outcome will turn into our favor.


9. RE:'time, circumstances, and other people'

So in my view, when start to take over your life and take control...IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO DECIDE NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO MAKE A DECISION TO ACT OR NOT TO ACT...NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO DECIDE TO REGAIN YOUR POWERS AND CONTROL OVER YOUR MATTERS, before time and circumstances and other people do it for or against or instead of you.


10. We are, maybe, here for the voiceless of all species today to try to save their lives, but.... where will we be tomorrow and ALL THE tomorrows? All we can do today, is plant the seeds of survival and a guiding light of hope.




11. And remember this, believe in yourself and NEVER except failure. If you keep on walking, the scenery and scenarios WILL change.




12. Stay strong and finally grab every chance of joy and life and allow yourself to sometimes enjoy even silly fun things of life.




Wecome home Dianne.


Welcome to everyone.


Welcome Home Heroes


video:Dog Welcomes Home Soldier.







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Welcome Home Dianne, A heros welcome home for you.

Soldier homecoming surprise mix




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