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Welcome to Ravens and Crows

Hello all my fellow Raven and Crow Lovers. Tricksters and magical people who adore these intelligent animals as much as myself. Please join in and share your stories of any tricks or magical moments you have shared with these fasinating creatures of the sky and folklore. I am excited to announce that I will be taking a workshop/course in two weeks with John Marzluff, author of the book In the Company of Ravens and Crows from 9-5-7 at North Cascades Institute. I look forward to sharing with you new found stories of these wonderful birds when I return from that class. Meanwhile check out and enjoy the exisiting threads.. I have been pretty busy lately so  I hope everyone can take the time to start threads as well.. A new one today on jackadaws was just entered. Enjoy everyone and have an awesome day.

Kwonk Kwonk from me Raven sky

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